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Donald asks…

What are some common poker tells?

I am looking to improve my poker game (live game).
Does anyone know of any good poker tells?

admin answers:

There are a few tells that are common among a lot of players.
You will see them more in novice players of course.
For example, the shaking hand is a tell of a strong hand.
When a player is being rude to you they are trying to get you to play against their strong hand.

There are a bunch more at the referenced website below.

Lisa asks…

Anybody have problems with the new poker game on Xbox Live?

I’m wondering what causes the game to freeze for 5-20 minutes between hands? Why is it I can do chip tricks but the dealer won’t show the last card or deal a new hand?

admin answers:

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Nancy asks…

what are some good strategies in full house poker for xbox?

ok so i just goot a poker game but here the thing i never played poker before i got the game so i can learn but no luck can you tell me what beats what thanks that would be really helpfull

admin answers:

Was playing on pokerview last night and I saw Ted Forrest playing on there live! Sick!!!

Mandy asks…

I have a poker set, what are the dice for?

I’ve never seen a poker game using dice, what are they for? The set has chips, two sets of cards, small blind big blind and dealer button, and five dice.

admin answers:

You can play poker with dices too.
Like a straight is 1 2 3 4 I guess.
But playing poker with cards is much more fun

James asks…

Where can I find a dress like the one Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) wore in Casino Royale?

The dress that I liked was the deep purplish one that Bond had here wear during the first night of the poker game.

admin answers:

Is it this dress:

because i haven’t seen the movie but i googled it, here are some similar dresses i found!!


VERY SIMILAR![differ. Color]

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