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Ruth asks…

how much would EB give me for sealed games?

i got 2 new, sealed gears of war and a poker game.
gears of war has a pricetag of 39.99
and poker has a pricetag of 19.99
bought themm at futureshop
never opened
how much would eb games give me for these, and do they count as used games just because i dint buy it fom them?

admin answers:

I took in a game that was unopened and EB opens them anyway. They open them because people were sealing the wrong games in cases by themselves.

Chris asks…

Looking to host poker game but want to know how much ante!?

Looking to host a poker game weekly at my house with friends but of course keep it friendly. What would be a good ante as well how much the chips should be etc . Dont want to see someone so mad they never come back….

admin answers:

I’ve been hosting for about four years now. What I do is place a common value on the chips. Mainly, they’re all worth the same. Then, set the blinds at 1-2, or 2-4, etc.

The value of the chips is whatever you determine them to be. A chip rack can cost $5, that makes each chip worth 5cents. If you want to go higher, $10 for a rack, each chip is 10 cents.

Hope this helps. It has kept my home games fun and entertaining. When we want to get serious we have 25-50 dollar buy-in tournaments with one rebuy. Those are the really fun nights.

Charles asks…

What President would you like to have at your party to spice it up?

Franklin Pierce for his drinking skills?
Warren Harding for your poker games?
JFK for the girls?

admin answers:

Bill Clinton, for all the reasons you posted and some! He’s the complete package ( as far as party animals go)! Go Bill its yo birthday!

Sandra asks…

What kind of poker game does the WSOP play?

Yeah I know its noob, but i’m new to poker and find it interesting.

admin answers:

Texas Hold’em is their main event. There are many other events, but Texas Hold’em is the most televised and has the most contestants.

James asks…

How to record game data to/from a browser?

I’m trying to capture data from a poker site. The game is played through a new browser window, and I’d like to somehow „record“ any/all data going to and from the browser. Eventually I’d like to parse the data for analysis and statistics.

But my first step in this challenge is to be able to capture the data transferred to/from the browser.

Anyone have any ideas on how to capture this?


admin answers:

You will need some method to be able to parse the data from the browser. If the data is hard coded into the browser with it’s HTML code then a simple Source Page will work, but most likely that isn’t the case. They may be adding this information dynamically from their server which is a lo harder to do. You won’t be able to accomplish this without some serious understanding on web development and programming.

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