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Helen asks…

What is the best poker timer/tourney organiser to use?

I am going to be hosting a multi table poker event and want to use software to display the blinds, blinds timer, player left and also to help with player movements to equalise the tables when players go out. I have heard of many programs that do this but would appreciate advice/comments on personal experience anyone has had.

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Daniel asks…

Where can i download or buy a poker bot?

HI I am after a poker bot with specific requirements regarding stop loss and i would like a poker system implemented within it. Anyone have any ideas as to where i can get this service for a decent price?
Thanks for any help!

admin answers:

You can get great bots at – they do great bots for not just poker but for roulette and for other purposes. They are like a „hub“ for all automated bots. I have to date had many bots created by them but for roulette with my gambling system implemented within it. They offer great service and even a 2 day turnaround if required. I believe their prices start from 20Euros for a bot creation, which i think is great. They have first class service and quality bots. Hope that helps!

Carol asks…

How can i play a poker online?

i want to play poker online, but i dont know how!! help me plsss.

admin answers:

You can try playing online poker at:

Poker Hand Replays lets you create, view, and comment on replays of poker hands you’ve played online or offline.

Linda asks…

How good is the Cricut 29-0001 at cutting poker cards?

I want to make customized 3.5 x 2.5 poker cards and I found this for pretty cheap on Amazon. If this isn’t too good, what would you suggest?

admin answers:

Here are several videos –

Cutting the paper product may not be a problem, but you need to check to see if the cutting can be set to a specific size.

Mark asks…

How to do a class presentation about poker?

How to do a class presentation about poker?
I am going to have a presentation about texas hold em or poker and I need to teach the class the basic rules. It is a college class. Anyone got any ideas or suggestion on what to teach the class? My presentation has to be 10 mins long. Also I want the class to participate in a 5 min activity that has to do with poker like playing a game or something.
my class has about 40 people in it

admin answers:

Well tell them the rules, explain how poker isnt all luck and more skill, explain the percentages of winning(link provided) teach them the odds of getting a good hand(link provided) teach them how to bluff and how to make it seem like your bluffing, then play the game, poker takes minutes to learn, years to master. Hope i gave you a few ideas 😀

And if anyone says poker is luck, quickly say, „well why is there always familiar faces at the final table in the world series of poker?“ 😛

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