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Susan asks…

Can a minor hold a garage poker get together legally?

A friend of mine wants to start a garage poker tournament but he is only 17, he wants to advertise it on facebook so that his friends can join, is this an illegal act? and yes, there will be money involved.

admin answers:

Yes, hosting a poker game for money in your friend’s garage is definitely illegal. Does it mean that the cops are going to come busting in and arrest everybody>>>NO!
I have been playing in people’s home poker tournaments for year(sss) now, and have never had any kind of trouble with the law over it. Thats not to say that you can’t get in any trouble. When you break the law there is always even the slightest chance that you can get caught.

John asks…

Can you advice me some good poker songs?

I’m planning a poker (texas hold’em) night with 8 friends, what would be a good playlist? can you please give a playlist from youtube, grooveshark etc. or a cool energic album may work out.

admin answers:

This should be of help:

Maria asks…

Where can I get my own custom made poker chips?

I host poker parties and think it would be a nice touch if I had my own poker chips. I would like my own custom logo (with value denominations) on them. I would also like to choose my own colors and edge spots. Where can I get these made, and how much do they cost?
I know where to get poker chips. I already have poker chips. My question is: „where can I get custom made poker chips?“
Poker chips that are sold in retail stores are not custom made.
Custom made poker chips will have a personalized (full-color) logo printed in the center and the chip colors will be my choice.
I do not want hot-stamping either.

admin answers:


David asks…

Cost to run a Free Poker Bar for my resturant?

These things are popping up everywhere around town. These companies offer to run free poker tournaments in resturants to drag in more customers. How much do these companies charge the resturant? I’m trying to call and email them for more info but they’re not picking up their phones. I’ll continue to call them but I just wanted to see if you guys knew. Thanks!

admin answers:

LOL.. Pdq… And there is spell check here.. These tournaments your talking about cost the restaurant nothing. You just supply the place and sell your stuff to them.. Just some advice.. These are free games and the players are cheap.. They are playing for points throughout a season. They drink lots of ice water and want it now.. Leave a mess and don’t give a chit. If your County, City allows „buy in“ tournaments.. For cash?? You would be much better off catering to poker players with money..

Mandy asks…

How do I become a Professional poker player?

I’ve been playing poker for 3 years and have completely grasped all aspects of it, I don’t just know how to play but I know how to win. I work full time for min wage and there is no other job that appeals to me. I live in the UK and the only thing stopping me from going pro at the moment is tax and starting bank roll, how much do I start with and how much will I get taxed? I assume I’ll be classed as self employed. I’m more of a sit and go player, can I turn this into a profession?

admin answers:

Don’t quit your day job. Seriously – that’s the best advice anyone can possibly give you.

If you truly are a profitable player, then continue to save your money from your poker winnings. When your savings in the bank from ONLY your poker winnings totals 6 months of living expenses, then you can begin to worry about going pro and paying taxes.

If you CANNOT build up 6 months worth of living expenses through your poker playing, then you aren’t as good as you think you are. If you can, then build it first, THEN worry about how you go about paying taxes.

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