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Jenny asks…

Should I do this dare to get accepted to this frat?

I’m pledging a Frat at SJSU. I lost at a poker game and now my dare is to run naked through the school cafeteria. if I don’t do it, I’ll be de-pledged and forbidden from this frat. I’m kind of a chub with a small dick. DOn’t have much friends here and really want to be in this fraternity. So what should I do? should I do the dare? What could happen?

admin answers:

No dont do it. Plenty of Frats don’t haze and if your campus is anything like mine there are plenty of options for a social life. They sound like a pretty d-bag frat if they would depledge you for that. Trust me its not the end of the world to drop. They sound like the wrong frat for you. Just pledge somewhere next semester but check them all out first and decide which one fits you best. You will almost definitely get a bid if you meet some brothers before rush

William asks…

Alejandra…did you ever find all the episodes? I can only find episode 4 and the finale. ?

I’m looking for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I live outside the US and keep getting error/copyright issue messages or sent to some poker game site. If anyone could help, that’d be great…I’ve already checked mininova, fanpop, hulu, and veoh, and videostic.

admin answers:

Try bestbuy

Sandy asks…

How to win at Draw Poker?

I have this „Draw Poker“ game.

You can’t vary the bet, which would make it too easy.

Deal five cards, hold the ones you want, etc. Jacks or better pays 5 points. Two of any pair is ten, etc.

Every bet costs you 5 points.

I’ve fooled with this for years, on and off. Playing conservatively gradually builds some points but they always bleed away again.

Is there any guide to beating this thing?

admin answers:

This person is specifically talking about Video Poker, not real Draw Poker.

Here is one of the best websites out there that will show you the absolute best strategy with which to play your poker game. Playing PERFECT will still NOT allow you to beat the game. The best you can ever hope for is to get a 99.54% return.

99.54% return simply means that ON AVERAGE, you will win 99.54 for every 100.00 you bet. So if you bet 10,000 credits and you play PERFECT strategy, you will have 9,954 credits left. Again – that is ON AVERAGE.

By the way – there is no such thing as „playing conservatively“ when it comes to these machines. You either play correctly, or you don’t. The only time you worry about „playing conservatively“ is if you’re actually playing against real opponents. If you were playing against real opponents, you very well might throw away pocket Jacks before the draw because you want to play conservatively. In the „Draw Poker“ game that you’re playing, if you get pocket Jacks, you keep those pocket Jacks unless you’re drawing 4 to a Royal Flush.

John asks…

What are the consequences of running a backroom poker game in toronto?

What are the laws on backroom poker games in toronto? Can you go to jail for running one, if so for how long? Also do police do crackdowns and stuff or is it easy to get away way it? btw im just asking out of curiosity. thanks

admin answers:

You’re worried about problems with the law, but those would be the LEAST of your problems.

Your bigger problems will come from the customers that you’d likely attract, and the things that they will do to make you wish you never thought of this idea.

What’s going to happen when Four-Fingers Franky, the biker dude, loses $400 one Friday night. He’s been drinking and decides he isn’t going to accept losing! What are you going to do about it? People don’t like losing in a casino, but there isn’t much they can do about it. There’s all sorts of problems that they can give you if they start losing at YOUR poker game.

What happens the first time a stranger gets a very bad beat? He loses with Quads. IT HAPPENS! Next thing you know, he’s accusing you of running a crooked game. What are you going to do about it? You told everyone no guns allowed, but this guy brought one anyway.

Seriously – for the money you’ll get out of trying to pull off an operation like this, it’s just not worth the hassle. Don’t fool yourself into thinking crap isn’t going to happen. If there’s a poker game, there’s going to be people losing a lot of money. If there are going to be people losing a lot of money, there are going to be some folks who are P*SSED OFF!!!

I may be a bit overboard on some of the stuff I said here, but still – bad stuff WILL happen. It’s just not worth it.

Linda asks…

How do u play Texas Hold’em Poker?

I have grown interest in standard poker game. So i thought of taking it to the next level and want to play Texas Hold’em poker now. Can someone be kind enough to tell me the rules of playing Texas Hold’em Poker?

admin answers:

It is good to see that you showed interest in Texas Hold’em Poker which is by far the best game for a beginner to learn. It is a pretty famous game in casinos and is played online as well over the world. There are some basic rules that you need to know before playing all the types of poker. Learning these basic rules is quite easy but what is difficult is to use these rules according to your skill and win the game. So before trying your hand in the real game, try learning the basic rules from the exclusive poker learning site Casinator

Good luck.

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