Your Questions About Tournament Of Roses

Betty asks…

What is it like being in a band that performs in the Tournament of Roses Parade and Bandfest in Pasadena, CA?

We’re going this December, and it’ll be a first for everyone, including our band director.

We’re a small town band from East Texas with about 200 students. And nothing this big has happened here since the Columbia broke apart, which isn’t anything to be proud of.

admin answers:

Congratulations! You should have a great time. It is definitely a great parade. A bit long around 4 miles if I remember right. But usually the weather is great and you will have fun.

Charles asks…

does the tournament of roses parade throw out candy?

or any other stuf?

admin answers:

Nope, not like mardi gras. But sometimes parade goers throw tortillas and marshmallows at the cars driving down the route the night before. The police don’t like that and it’s not allowed, but it’s fun anyway. = )

Donna asks…

tournament of roses?

about how many roses are used, or recently have been used, in the tournament of roses?

admin answers:


Chris asks…

“If you were asked to design a float for the New Year’s Tournament of roses parade, what would make?

your float unique?

admin answers:

A complet mess of it lol

Thomas asks…

How to dress for this year’s Pasadena tournament of the roses/parade?

What is the weather usually like? I checked their forecasts on the internet, but i don’t know if i should trust the forecasts since it shows two straight days of hard rain and then comes the day of the parade and they say it will be clear and sunny. i’m not sure if i can rely on this. how should i be dressing because i don’t want to go there and ruin my clothes or look like an idiot?

admin answers:

It is going to be cold. It is cold. You can expect it to be about 45′ in the morning when the parade starts. The high for the day *might* get to 60′, but maybe not. It probably won’t rain, but check on Friday. It has been raining on and off, sometimes very hard, but has been reliable. Dress in layers, bring a warm jacket, and gloves and hat. Don’t worry about looking dumb, many of the people there spent the night sleeping out on the sidewalk, they’re not exactly looking great.

Be sure to see the parade at the end of the route, it’s a really great experience.


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