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James asks…

What happened to Fred Thompson, I thought he was supposed to the GOP Jesus ?

$3M in a month just doesn’t buy into the presidential poker game, does it?

admin answers:

Dick Wolfe renewed his contract and he decided he’d be better off in Hollywood.

Fred Thompson/Sam Waterston 2008—-NOT

Jenny asks…

Is it possible to create and patent a poker game for intent to sell?

I need to know on the account of a great idea for a game I have…

admin answers:

Generally, no. You might be able to sell the rights to a game to a casino, so that they can have an exclusive right to „spread“ the game. Maybe even to a manufacturer of Video Poker games so that they can program it into machines. But it’s a long process, and most of the companies that do this have people on staff to design new games.

They probably won’t even want to look at your game, because they might get sued for „stealing“ if they ever come out with a similar game of their own.

As for „selling“ the game to regular players, forget it. Any good game that can be played with a standard deck of cards will be passed by word-of-mouth among players, regardless of any patents you might be able to obtain. I’m not even sure you CAN patent such a game.

There are a few exceptions, like Head-to-Head Poker by Reiner Knizia:
but that’s one of the world’s most famous game designers working with the biggest game company in the USA.

Your best bet is to introduce the game to your poker group, and try to profit by outplaying your poker buddies at it.

Linda asks…

What are some good casinos in Las Vegas to take my g/f?

In spring I’ll be taking my girlfriend to Vegas, but I don’t know where to stay. We’ll be staying during the week, with our hotel room budget about 100 a day for three days.

She loves slots, I like to play those poker games where you can bet a penny a hand on 50 or 100 hands. I’m more or less open to anywhere that isn’t scummy and is on (or very near) the Strip or Fremont. Help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
I appreciate the answers, but so far most have been one word suggestions of casinos that are WAY too expensive. I’m looking for 100 a night and lower.
I appreciate the answers, but so far most have been one word suggestions of casinos that are WAY too expensive. I’m looking for 100 a night and lower.

admin answers:

Check out the Station Casinos.

They cater to locals, so you get a lot of cheap slots that pay out pretty well (so I’ve read and heard).

I’ve also had friends stay at one of the Stations and said it was very cheap and nice for the price.
I think they said rooms were around $40-$50/night.

Also, if you go midweek, you should be able to find places on the strip for under $100/night, like TI or NYNY or Excalibur.

Ruth asks…

What is your fav site for games?

I’ve been using candystand a lot. It’s pretty cool with trophy’s and tournaments and a very realistic poker game. But although it has some of my faves like mahjong it doesn’t have others like jewel quest. Do you know any great free sites that don’t require downloads? (Free trial membership is NOT what I consider free, I mean free period!)

admin answers:

Maria asks…

Is it legal to receive coaching during a poker game?

During a recent „bar game“ of hold-em, one of the players at our table was being coached by someone not involved at the table. Is this legal? Should the tournament director have stopped it?

admin answers:

I have to agree, that is very illegal. That player should have been disqualified if not stopped

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