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Thomas asks…

Can I use USPS media mail to send handheld video games?

Can you send handheld video games, I’m not talking Nintendo, but like Radica poker games or LCD games via USPS media mail?
Its a Sudoku game. Is that educational?

admin answers:

Go to the post office and have it shipped

Mandy asks…

Do any of the major casinos in Las Vegas still use coin-operated slot machines?

On my recent trip to Vegas I noticed that nearly all the slot machines I saw were bill-or-credit slip operated, and only a minority still had pull handles.
I miss the older style slots, the pull of the handle and the clash of coins in the payout trays—have they all gone away?
Note—I know that some of the video poker games still have coin slots, but I’m talking about the traditional slot machines.
Progress is all very well, but we’re talking iconic Vegas memories here, folks.
Anyone know?

admin answers:

They keep a few downtown. They don’t want to alienate the traditional customers. Try the oldest casino in Vegas, „El Cortez“ between 6th and 7th..
Actually a lot of people like the coins. They want to feel like they won something of heft. The problem is that casino costs go down considerably once they’ve paid off the new TITO machines. You don’t have to manhandle all that weight, you don’t waste time feeding all the quarters back into the machines, people tend to bet more with the tickets, and the machinery is a lot easier to repair. The money room is not crowded with all those crates of quarters. Plus some people take the tickets home thinking they will return, and then they lose the tickets.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone else hate espn right now for not playing any baseball games tonight?

Maybe I am just upset because I can’t watch the Cubs but you would think that the last week of regular season baseball would be more important than a poker game or football game that has already been played. WHY MUST THEY DO THIS???
I live within 90 miles of Chicago, I am in there market. I get Chicago Sports Network for Comcast Cable. The stupid Sox game was on but they rarely showed the scroll at the bottom with other scores and when they did it was almost always AL scores. We ended up with ten of us crowded around a cell phone hitting refresh every 10 minutes getting the score.

admin answers:

I agree with you. Alas, baseball just isn’t popular enough right now with steroids and money ball and millionaires crying about how hard life is and players from all sports taking on the fans and all. I love baseball and would think the last week, with a couple of races still going on, would be a bonanza, but ESPN is a lousy channel anyway. So I’m not surprised.

George asks…

What can I use my friends souls for?

I won them in a poker game. One is pure and virgin, the other was bound for hell. I don’t want to sell them as they are my friends.

admin answers:

Check your Strongs OT definitions for „soul.“ It means „life“ and nothing more. The life, or soul, does not belong to man, but to God, so unless you were playing poker with the Almighty, you didn’t win anything. No one can take a soul but God. You might kill someone’s body, but the true life of that person is in the soul, and that is God’s alone. When a person’s body dies, the soul returns to God, who gave it.

Richard asks…

where can i find poker chips in denver?

I am looking for a store in Denver or Boulder or the surrounding area that sells quality poker chips either in a set or loose. I am hosting a poker game at my house and want it too feel as authentic as possible. I would prefer not to get one of the sets at target as they are too bland, but if there are no stores around that will have to do. I also would much prefer a store rather than online cause I don’t have a credit card, but again if there is an incredible deal I am willing to find a way. I would actually prefer used or vintage stuff, but its probably hard to find.

If they are not at a poker chip store, I am also looking for a NICE deck of cards. Again I would prefer a walk-in store to online. I imagine magic supply stores might have them, but I don’t know where any are.

Any help is appreciated, I know this is a very specific question


admin answers:

Try Craig’s List. There are many people looking to sell their old poker sets.

As far as playing cards, do you have any sort of membership at a warehouse-style store? Near me we have Sam’s Club. (It’s a branch of Walmart.) Those places will often sell half-way decent cards in a 10-deck pack. If you get that, once you feel the deck is worn out, you can throw it away and start a new deck.

Also, there are many stores on-line that will allow you to pay by check or money order. Of course if the game is anytime in the next 2 weeks, then that idea will be too late!

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