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Helen asks…

How do I get over my poker anxiety?

I’m really good at poker, I could probably make a living playing it, but the problem is I get a lot of anxiety when I play. This stops me from playing long hours and making decent money. My question is how do I get over this anxiety? I’m already playing the lowest limits to build my confidence, but that doesn’t seem to help.
I should have added I am playing online.

I’m running at about 20bb/100 at 1cent/2cent over my last few thousand hands.

admin answers:

Matt’s right…running 20bb/100 over a few thousand hands at 1c/2c means nothing. If you think players play the same way at stakes where you could make a reasonable living like $1/$2 NL, you’re in for a rude awakening. You’re in for a rude awakening even at 10c/25c.

Ruth asks…

How are the percentages worked out on TV poker programs?

When I watch poker tournaments on TV I wonder how they work out the percentages of each players hands, do they take into account cards in folded hands or just the cards in play?

admin answers:

Since (because of card cams) they usually know what cards from folded hands are in the muck, the percentages they show are adjusted for those. Also, since they can add that data after the fact in editing, they are calculated more exactly than the rough percentages from the rule of 4.

Susan asks…

Find the number of way to make a stack of poker?

Find Xk, the number of ways to make a stack of k poker chips if it only red,blue and gold chips are used and no two gold chips are adjacent?
Can you help me?

admin answers:

Sorry, i dont know. Help him, please

Paul asks…

What do you think of this World Poker Championship?

Im just wondering what are peoples thoughts on this World Poker Championship that everyone is playing at Pubs hopeing to get a spot at playing in Las Vegas. A friend of mine is trying to win it like Aussie Joe (Joe Hachem) as friend saw it on 60 Minutes. What are your thoughts?

admin answers:

I think I’d like to see the law changed so that low stakes poker for real money could be played in ‚pubs.‘

As for Joe Hachem, he won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2005. He has since won other events, and is now a multi millionaire. Sounds fun to me.

Laura asks…

How long will a game of poker last?

My husband is going to poker tournament tonight and I want to know how long before I should expext him to be home. The game starts at 7 and there are 30 people playing.

admin answers:

It depends on how well he does. If it’s a no limit tournament (most are) then it can be over for you on the very first hand. But let’s assume he going to do well so plan on 3-5 hours.

Wish your husband good luck for me 😉

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