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Paul asks…

Has anyone been to a CASINO in EL SALVADOR?

Which ones and do they play poker table games and if so which poker games do they play?

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Donna asks…

If you bet the ranch in a poker game and lose, do you have to give away the ranch?

Or could you claim the bet was an illegal contract because the game itself was illegal?

admin answers:

An illegal contract can’t be enforced in the courts. That said, if you are dealing with people that will ALLOW you to literally bet the farm, not paying up is likely to be EXTREMELY hazardous to your health.

George asks…

How can i stop my kee-kat from doin‘ this?

JASPERKAT takes all my money in our weekly poker games…how can i stop this from happenin‘? =]

admin answers:

Don’t let him deal the cards.

Linda asks…

What is the most profitable poker game?

Playing which game can you win much money?

admin answers:

As for me it’s pot-limit Omaha and its modifications (High-Low etc.).
At each session, from hands to hands move huge sums of money, because pots are on average two times higher than in Texas Hold’em.
Now, it is the fastest growing poker game in the world.

Laura asks…

What does the term ‚coffee housing‘ mean in poker?

My friends have a weekly poker game. I was practicing with them a few days ago and someone said I was ‚coffee housing‘. I just laughed, like I thought it was funny, but I really didn’t know what they were talking about. I really want to know what it means before I go there and play again!

admin answers:

According to Wikipedia:

„Talking in an attempt to mislead other players about the strength of a hand. For example a player holding A-A as their first two cards might say „lets gamble here“, implying a much weaker holding. Coffee housing is considered bad etiquette in the UK, but not in the USA. This is also called speech play.“

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