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Lisa asks…

How do you get paid at the World Series of Poker?

If you win 10 million dollars at the world Series of poker, how do they pay you? Cash? Bank Check? I’ve never seen anything pertaining to this…. Thanks!

admin answers:

Players are given a Harrah’s Total Rewards Card when they register and their card will be endorsed with their payout position for each event.

Players are then escorted to a ‚Player’s Services Lounge,‘ which is away from the big tournament room. The Lounge is only open to players waiting to be paid their prize money.

Players are asked if they prefer their payment in chips, cash or wire transfer to a financial institution. Once the payment method is selected and the forms are signed, their payment is automatically processed. The player is then brought to the cashier window and they are done!

Lizzie asks…

looking for a competitive league for beginning poker players?

i think i want to take up poker. besides online, is there a real league where i can play with other players? i live in los angeles.

admin answers:

For a beginner poker player, your best bet is to stay with the home tournament games. They’re relatively cheap and infrequent. If you’re seriously interested in competing but don’t have money and you dislike online poker as I do, I would suggest searching local poker leagues online. In a major city like LA, it shouldn’t be hard. World Poker Tour has an Amateur Poker League (completely FREE) hosted in many bowling alleys… Even close to my midwest home.
A word to the wise: cash games will drain the novice’s pockets. Give yourself a limit and stick to it… Competing exclusively in tournaments is a great way to stay within your limits.

William asks…

How can I learn to play poker?

I would like to play Texas Hold’em.
Can anyone recommend me some websites?

How many different types of poker are there?

admin answers:

Here are the rule for most of the popular poker games:

Here’s where you can learn to play better:

And here you can learn how the game works and why some people win and others don’t:

Chris asks…

How much to ship poker table across the country?

I want to expand my business selling poker tables across the country, but I can’t find any resources estimating price. If you can give me a general price or even better a website that can estimate prices, that’d probably get you best answer. Also, I live in North West Indiana (Chicago Area).

admin answers:

I ordered a poker table from California and had it shipped to Mississippi. It was sent via FedEx and it cost $150 for the shipping.

Carol asks…

How can I become a professional poker player?

I’m 15 I’m definitely young….. I know I should have school for back up… But I really want to become a poker player…… I want to start when im18 but I want to learn lots about the game between these three years…. What do u guys suggest I should do…. And how should I start if I want to try and succeed in this?

admin answers:

You have to study and play a lot. Basically you have to have no life because you have to play so much. If you truly do have a passion for it then you will succeed. You have to treat it like a full time job. It’s best if you have a back up plan because poker is not a guarantee like a 9 to 5 job at an office. Focus on school and learn poker on the side. When you have your back up plan then you are ready to commit full time on poker.

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