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Sandra asks…

whats the best poker game to play on the pc (not websites). Not real money or anything?

Whats the best poker game to play with friends online. I’m not looking to play with money or anything, just for fun with friends online. Which software / game is the best to buy?

Would really appreciate some answers.

And thankyou for answering 🙂

admin answers:

Well, you’ve asked no websites, so PC games like ‚WPT (world poker tour) are available in the market.

But if you want really good game, then pokerstars ot fulltilt will provide better options.

Sandy asks…

What specifications would a laptop require to run these applications successfully?

Watching Youtube videos, running facebook and opening up games on eg Zynga Poker, playing minor games ? Do i need a basic laptop or something more pricey ?

admin answers:

Sounds like you need a basic, good price laptop

PC world have a few good deals on at the moment.

Have a look here

I would go for a laptop and not a netbook (even though netbooks are cheaper)
Make sure to go for Windows 7 or Vista because microsoft will stop supporting XP soon.

Sharon asks…

how to say these sentences in japanese?

I’ll be back. (as in leaving the house)
do you want to join? (in like a poker game or something)
I can’t right now. I’m busy.

admin answers:

I’ll be back.
また来ます。(mata kimasu) – when you leave someone else’s own house
行ってきます。(itte kimasu) – when you leave your own house

Do you want to join?
参加したいですか?(sanka shitai desu ka?)

I can’t right now. I’m busy.
今は忙しいからダメです。(ima wa isogashii kara dame desu)

Laura asks…

What bonuses we got while playing poker?

What are the bonuses available while playing poker game I didn’t know that pls tell me…

admin answers:

Many online poker sites offer incentives to players in the form of bonuses. Usually the bonuses are given after a certain number of raked hands are played. For example, a site may offer a player who deposits $100 a bonus of $50 once he plays 500 raked hands. A poker player who can at least break even can become a long-term winner by playing with poker bonuses. A winning poker player can add to their winnings with the use of bonuses… n addition, several online card rooms have developed VIP programs to reward regular players. Poker rooms often offer additional bonuses for players who wish to top-up their accounts. These are known as reload bonuses.

Paul asks…

What is the best cell phone poker game?

I am hoping for one with good AI. The game I have has crap AI.

admin answers:

ESPN Poker Club

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