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James asks…

What online texas hold em game was I playing?

At one of the online game rooms Zone, Yahoo, Postopia, or somewhere else I played this game. I want to know where it was and what it was. I was a cowboy and I had to win poker tournaments and cash games to win money in the town. I think after I won all of the money in the town I would then go to the next town and so on.

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Joseph asks…

What game has the best chances of winning the most money in a casino?

The casino I live near doesn’t offer poker, but has various stakes of blackjack as well as video poker and slot machines, and keno.

admin answers:

Casinos provide number of games to players with different versions. You can win big or less amount of money from these games. Poker gives you maximum payout of what you put in. Casino wins based on those who don’t understand the most effective hand rules. From here you may know more about Poker.

Sandy asks…

Does Washington state’s law against gambling on the internet mention poker?

Some people consider poker to be a game of skill and some consider it to be a gambling game. Any law against gambling might or might not apply to poker, depending on whether the law defines poker to be gambling.

Does Washington state’s law against gambling on the internet define poker to be gambling? What are the exact words of that definition?

admin answers:

As long as you don’t bet any money on it it’s legal. If wagers are involved, it’s gambling.

David asks…

Anyone ever heard of the card game TripleLee?

I am looking for the rules of a poker like card game where everyone starts out with a cup with a penny in it. I don’t really know much more about it. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

admin answers:

Tripoley, or sometimes called Michigan Rummy can be found in game sections of most department stores.

Paul asks…

I’m writing a novel. Do you think it would be cool to win a mechanical bull in a poker game?

Like, the women kicks this guy’s butt at poker and wins the mechanical bull he has in his bar.
Okay, maybe I should elaborate. This is west Texas. She beats this codgy old fart in a poker game and wins his bull and puts it in HER bar. She’s a boots-wearing butt-kicking smoking hot cowgirl

admin answers:

Lol mate, tell me when its published….

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