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Joseph asks…

What is the most secure but feasible way to uniquely mark poker chips, so they want be copied by others….?

Got a poker room and want to protect the houses interists in a secure banking method.

admin answers:

RFID chips imbedded inside chips can contain individual serial numbers assigned to each chip. It is then possible to know where in the casino each chip came from before it is cashed, and it can be comfirmed by the casino keeping record of the locations of high denomination chips, and from video survelance weather or not that chip was indeed handed to a player from that table before it is cashed.

Jenny asks…

Is it illegal to gamble on full tilt and poker stars online?

Im only 20 years old but they let me gamble poker for money but then someone said it was illegal for me to gamble. Is it illegal for everyone or me or the country?

admin answers:

Is only illegal if its offshore gambling, like americans playing pokerstars(thats y its illegal in washington)..although its a american site(sort off)..its actually based in the Uk…which makes it illegal….unlike australia where it is legal for us to play any site we like, although i have heard from a friend who works in commonwealth bank that the credit card rules are changing, where it used to be listed on ur statement as pokerstars or something or the like, itwill be changed to a „cash transaction“ incurring a fee…not happy

William asks…

What are some good real legit poker websites?

I want to play real poker. Any ideas?

admin answers:

The main trusted sites are Party poker, Full tilt poker, ultimate bet and PKR.

If you cannot choose which 1 you want or would like to try them out just go to and sign up. They will give you free real money to play with and if you win so much you can cash it out. Also they offer bonuses and you dint have to pay for a thing its all free.

They make money from you playing so the more you play the better the bounuses are and you dont have to stck to 1 for e.g if you loose you bankroll you can deposit money into that account or just open another one up from a different poker softwar through bankrollmob

have fun 😉

Paul asks…

Where is a good site for online poker room listings?

I like to play Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud, and Omaha Poker, although holdem is my favorite game to play on the internet.

admin answers:

There are a whole bunch of online poker room reviews at

My personal favorite on that list is Party. They always have full ring games and big tournaments. Someone told me once that they have over 1/3 of all online poker players online at a given time. Most other poker rooms only have a tiny fraction of that.

Charles asks…

How can one get a free no deposit poker bonus?

I have heard of this no deposit poker bonus from a friend of mine who has been in this casino business for a long time. So can anyone tell me how can i get a free no deposit poker bonus? I do not want to spend any money.

admin answers:

If you’re just getting started playing poker online, and feel like you aren’t comfortable playing with your own real money, no deposit poker bonuses are one of the best ways to start playing real money tables without ever making a deposit! Lots of poker sites currently offer no deposit poker bonuses to all their new players. The reason why these sites offer these bonus rewards is because they want to bring in more players. There is no catch, they just want you to try them for free. This is free poker money just for registering! So check out the poker room details listed at to see if it’s something you’d like to try out. There is very little or no risk, and this is a great way to get started with online poker.

Good luck!

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