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Donald asks…

Where can I find free games for my Ipod mini?

I have found a few but they are like text adventures
I want to play games like poker a decent solitaire game
anything really.

admin answers:

I don’t think you can get them for free… They have to be bought from the iTunes store.

Donna asks…

where you can play „war“ (a poker game) in casinos?

it is very unpopular,

and it is the simplest poker game. I like it..

admin answers:

You can find it below. Called ‚Casino War‘. Most online casinos will offer it, I dont know about land based casinos.

Daniel asks…

What is something cool I can say to wish a professional poker player, Good luck?

I know a friend that is a professional poker player, how can i say something cool to wish him good luck in poker language?

„Good luck, I’ll be pulling for you?“

What is cool and nice to say? in poker terms?

admin answers:

„Hope you get the big full!“

big full-The best possible full house in community card games

Or just „Hope you get the high card!“

Robert asks…

What is the best online poker site with the most variety of games?

I want to try an online poker site that has a lot of different types of poker to play. I like high low, myself. I remember the good ol‘ days of playing that on my Pikachu tamagotchi.

admin answers:

Pokerstars has the biggest choice in games, but it’s also home to the best players, so these days it’s getting harder and harder to make good money there. However, they also offer all their games in play money and freerolls, so it’s also good for the recreational player.

Mary asks…

Is there a good video poker tutorial online?

Is there a website where you can play video poker for free, and as you play it will tell you the mistakes you’re making?

admin answers:

I believe you can do that for a couple of games at Check the „Test Your Skills“ section.

I would suggest going to the 100 Play section of that site and pulling up the strategy chart from Wizard of Odds at the same time and just check the chart as you go. That way you’ll have more choices of games to play (the 100 Play Deuces Wild has a correct 100.8% payout table) and it looks exactly the same as casino 100 Play machines.

Have fun.

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