Your Questions About Poker Games

James asks…

At the end of the poker game does every player have to put their cards down to see?

I need to find out how the winner is discovered? HELP! I know nothing about poker!

admin answers:

If you are still in the game and you haven’t folded yet and you are looking for the final result and if you are claiming your victory then you must show your hands to claim your victory in the game.

If you have already folded then you don’t have to show your cards to every one.

Mandy asks…

How do I chat with other players at my hold em table?

When I’m playing hold em poker on yahoo games the other players at my table are able to chat in the box immediately below the table. Must I pay monthly dues or something to know how to be able to chat there as well?

admin answers:

In the narrow space just under the play window,click on it then type your message then hit enter on keyboard.

Ken asks…

Why are the slot and poker games so crooked on Yahoo?

I am a retired man-found these games on Yahoo.Thought -oh something to pass the time with and have a little fun.I played 5 card draw today and lost 13,000,000 million points.One time I went 20+ games with out a win-then I won 50,000 pts.The same with the slots-I could understand if this was real money-machines would be tight just like in a casino.You have spoiled any fun there was for me -I was using it to pass the time and some enjoyment.I hope the other people that play these games have had the same experience.Thanks

admin answers:

Actually they’re not crooked (or rigged), you might just be mistaking bad run as ‚crooked‘. Since they’re just fake money, keep playing! And good luck, win your 13 Mil points back!

Paul asks…

Is a poker game a good idea to make?

Im thinking about making a poker game but i dont know of thats a good idea and if not please give me some

admin answers:

Trust me, there is someone in the cbc „dragons den“ who was a blackjack dealer and came up a really successful game and it rocked. There were only a few entrepreneurs who had poker games but a lot was successful. So go for it.
Remember some things though:
1. Make sure it makes MONEY!!
2. Dont over complecate it.
Other than that, i“ll be cheering you on. Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Anybody know how to get a live poker game organized through the internet or any other means?

I’m stuck in the Bible belt, and I’m kinda tired of internet poker.

admin answers:

It’s easy enough. If you provide the beer, you can get a few dudes together. It only takes four others for a great night of poker. Three will work pretty well. If you get more than that, Hold ‚Em is best with 6-10 players.

Tip: More than 4 guys show, send someone on a beer run.

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