Your Questions About Poker Games

Maria asks…

How do I increase my attention span?

My attention span for online poker and video games is 90 mins. How do I increase it to 4 hours or more?

admin answers:

A little at a time over a period of a few months.

Robert asks…

What are some fun party ideas for teenagers?

Im hosting a new years party for teenagers. i got 2 xbox’s and a table for poker and other games. we’re 15 and 16 year olds so hide and seek, truth or dare, and stuff like that seems a little stupid.

admin answers:

Play the chocolate game, it’s fun and it gets everyone into the spirit :‘) im the same age and i still love to play it!
you roll the dice, around in a circle, when you get a six, grab the block of chocolate in the middle of the circle and use a knife and fork to cut one peice off at a time, Until the next person rolls a six, then it’s their time!

Another fun thing is to make cupcakes, especially in the middle of the night if your parents are asleep :‘)

William asks…

i cant see my chat box while on a poker table?

Trying to chat with others while playing poker at yaho games and I can’t get into the chat box. I can only see what im saying. What do I do?

admin answers:

The 1st thing you do when you enter lounge is check play small window in option box. Once in you can expand room to see the chat area. This also blocks the big ads at top of screen in room

Ruth asks…

Is the US Open final cancelled again?

They said it would be shown again on espn 2 after 730, but its showing a poker game. Is it cancelled until tomorrow?

admin answers:

Ya they are going to stop poker when play resumes. You can tell when it resumes by going to this link….
Us open website:
and then go to scores and stats at the top…live scores…. Right now it says play suspended but it will let u know when it resumes because it updates every 30seconds and then poker will probably be taken over by it. I just hope it starts soon. I wanna see rafa win already

Linda asks…

How does a person end an addiction?

School starts back up in another week and I feel I have become addicted to several things in my time off! I feel that I am addicted to an online soccer forum, poker, the video game FIFA 08, and to somewhat of an extent yahoo answers. Doing these various things I spend about 75% of my waking hours. How can I end my addictions?

admin answers:

Don’t stop anything cold-turkey right away! Slowly cut down a bit each day and replace the time spent doing those activities with something else. That way, you will become accustomed to doing other things, and you’ll be showing yourself that you have control!

School or work provides people structure, goals and meaning. People who experience long periods of time-off tend to get bored, depressed and unmotivated. So no matter where you are in your video „detox“, your scholastic lifestyle will kick you back on track.

Good luck!

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