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Donald asks…

Whats better, a chicco side by side double stroller or the joovy ultralight tandem double stroller?

I am about 110lbs when not pregnant and 5’3 so I’m small, I am going to have a newborn and a my daughter will be about 2 years old when the next daughter is born, I love the joovy ultralight sit n stand but I am afraid my 2 year old will never be able to rest or lay back and take a nap if she wanted to, yet with the side by side I don’t know if it will be good with doors or too bulky for my size…any input? Thanks!

admin answers:

I had the same concern as my daughters are only 13 months apart. The tandem is the way to go in my opinion. The side by side versions rarely fit through doorways and are difficult to get through a crowded mall or zoo. I am 5’2″ and 110 also and have no real difficulty.

I would recommend also getting a couple of umbrella strollers for when you don’t want to push so much bulk, they’re cheap and Babies R Us sells a set of three clips for around $10 that you can use to connect them if you are alone, or they can be free standing if you have two adults to push your girls.

Chris asks…

Need a stroller / car seat combination for toddler….?

…The only one I know is Orbit Toddler Car Seat. Any others???
I’m basically looking for a stroller than handles well, and folds up conveniently to go in car trunk, that can connect to a real car seat for toddlers / young children. The Orbit seems to do this, but I am wondering if there are other examples out there. My sister has used the sitn‚ stroll but says the quality was terrible and it isn’t much good as a stroller.

admin answers:

Kolcraft Universal Car Seat Carrier (*est. $50)

Stroller frame.

Reviews say many traditional „travel systems“, otherwise known as car-seat stroller combinations, are too bulky and expensive, and that cheaper travel systems often have quality issues. The Kolcraft Universal stroller frame solves both problems. This model isn’t a complete travel system. Rather, it’s a metal frame with stroller wheels that will accommodate most brands of infant car seats. This is a great temporary choice for parents who plan to purchase a higher-quality stroller when the baby outgrows his infant car seat. The Kolcraft frame weighs about 13.5 pounds.

Graco SnugRider (*est. $60)

Stroller frame with adjustable handle.

The Graco SnugRider is a stroller frame, meant to accommodate a separately purchased Graco infant car seat. The only big difference between the SnugRider and other stroller frames is that the Graco has an adjustable-height handle, a nice option for parents of differing heights. The Graco stroller frame is guaranteed to fit Graco car seats (though some parents say other brands also fit). If you plan to buy a top-rated Graco SnugRide infant seat, the SnugRider frame is the way to go. If you have another brand of car seat, the Kolcraft stroller frame is the better bet.

Graco Spree 511 (*est. $160)

Full car-seat / stroller travel system.

A stroller frame like the Kolcraft Universal Car Seat Carrier, is a better choice than a full travel system, say reviews. That’s because many parents eventually purchase a lighter, less bulky stroller anyway. However, if you like the coordinated look of travel systems or just want one anyway, the Graco Spree pairs the top-rated Graco SnugRide infant seat with a matching lightweight stroller. Reviewers like that it folds vertically, so that the wheels never touch the handles or upholstery, and at 20 pounds, it is fairly easy to lift into the car trunk. The Spree comes with a pivoting snack tray, windowed canopy, and parent organizer tray with two drink holders.

Michael asks…

Above 40 lbs, does a child need to be in a car seat on a plane? Or is it age related?

My son is larger than average. He is 17 months old and 38 or 39 lbs. He is off the charts percentile wise, definitely more than 97% and proportionate for height and weight. He is NOT overweight, he just basically looks like a 3 yr old, its rather strange. Well, my husband is working in Idaho, we live in Georgia, and I want to go visit with my son often but that means regular plane trips. My son has been on a plane before at 3 months and 9 months but was always held on a lap. At 9 months he was a handful as a lap child but now there is no way I could travel that way. He walks, runs, climbs etc.
I have looked into the Sit n Stroll combination car seat strollers because I recently had back surgery and wont be able to carry him and a lot of things through airports and this would be great but it is only approved up to 40 lbs forward facing. He could reach that in a matter of weeks. So after 40lbs, does he just have to sit in the plane seat? Im not comfortable with that. What other options do I have? Is the Sit n Stroll the only product of this type? What should I do? A 17 mnth old is too „little“, even at 40lbs, to be sitting like an adult in a plane seat.
Birth certificate! Check! Yes, cos I wouldnt even believe his real age if I hadnt given birth to him. Good idea
EclipsePearl! Ive read your article a few times! Wow…actually, I read it the first time when my son was a very large 3 month old and almost too heavy for me to carry! We were flying with him for the first time, as a first time parent, and I was clueless. I learned a lot, thank you for putting it out there. I actually have referred friends to read it as well.
Techwing, Im not questioning whether or not he should be in a seat. He has to be, no doubt. My question is making that happen within weight limits and not undoing my back surgery

admin answers:

The only law I am aware of is that children over the age of 2 must have their own seats, they can not be lap children. If you are planning this route of having your son sit on your lap, then you should definitely bring a copy of your sons birth certificate to prove he does not require his own seat. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend children sitting in your lap however at any age as this is not safe during any airplane accident or severe turbulence.

I looked quite a bit into if the FAA has any regulations about your son needing to be in a car seat up to a certain weight and there doesn’t seem to be any. I know my airline doesn’t have guidance on that either.

The FAA has approved a new type of child restraint called the AmSafe Aviation CARES that is lighter than a normal car seat and is an option for you. The bad thing about this new device is that it is not usable in cars, so when you get to your next destination you will need to have a car seat some other way. The good thing is that it appears to be light so it won’t be hard to travel with. I personally have no experience with it.

If you are planning on traveling with a carseat and having your son sit in it this is probably the best and safest idea. When my son was younger we used a travel system that hooked into the stroller. We now have a seat that goes up to a 50 pound weight limit and I end up schlepping it all over the airport. I have no experience with the sit and stroll other than seeing them around the airport all the time, the people using them seem to like them.

I hope this helped you, good luck with your trip.

Mark asks…

Traveling w 7m old. car seat stroller baggage?!?

My daughter and I are going to my home town for just a lil over a week, to visit alot of the family she hasnt yet. Shes 7months, doesnt crawl yet but scoots around, n sits on her own. Loves to talk and is always happy. OH shes sitting on my lap while on the plane, not getting her own seat.
Anyways, shes in between car seats right now, the infant one and the big girl one that faces backwards. Do I take a car seat with me? N will I get charged for that like extra baggage? N sence its me and her do I still only get 2 bags to check? I have two strollers, a large one that gives her enough room to play in durning our layover, and a small one which would get us from a to b but offeres no help with carrying items. Will I get charged for a stroller? Or will that count as a carry on and i get one bag and a stroller? I guess I just really need to be filled in on traveling on a plane with a baby. (7month old) girl..
Is there some where to change her diaper on the plane in the rest room, i know theres next to NO room in there.
PLease any and all info you have

admin answers:

To answer your q’s

1-Yes, you’ll need a carseat. Most car rental places will give you one for free if you’re renting on the other side. Otherwise, you should take it and gate check it.

2-Your best bet is to take the infant car seat and the snap n go. That way you can keep her in it, there’s storage under the seat and you can gatecheck both for no fee

3-There is no fee for gatechecking strollers…it does NOT count towards baggage allowance

4-You get one bag and one carry-on PLUS a „personal item“ (aka diaper bag) that can fit under the seat in front of you.

5-Very few planes have a changing table in the restroom…most are cross country or international flights. Your options for safely changing her are on your seat (which will only work if you have aisle seat) or on the floor in the bathroom. Make sure you have a portable changing mat either way. I was really lucky on my last two flights with her (To colorado and back) and no one was seated next to me, so I just used that. That’s one of the reasons we will NEVER fly with her in lap again.

6-Feed her during take off and landing

7-Bring a MOBY or other sling…your arms will get SO tired.

Best of luck

Helen asks…

Cleveland Zoo?

We are going with in the next few weeks. Going on a weekend day with our two kids 4yrs and 2yrs. We’ve never been to this zoo….We are planning on bringing our sit n stand (for both to be able to sit if they get tired)…Or our jogger for just the little one. Also we will bring some snacks and drinks to eat later on too….Is there a trial ride? With the stroller fit? Anything else about this zoo will be helpful? THANK YOU!

admin answers:

We went on the 3rd. There are discount tickets available at drug mart, although ours was sold out of tickets. The discount tickets are $9 while full price is $10 for adults for kids 2-11 the discount is $4 while full price is $5. Kids under 2 are free. Cuyahoga residents have special rates for Mons.

The food was all fast food (in the main zoo anyway). So you may want to bring food and not just snacks for the kids.

There is a tram that goes to the top of the hill, it looked roomy enough, but we did not go on it. The hike up the hill was long, so you will most likely want to take it, especially if it is hot.

When we were there the bears and gorrillas were not there because of the bridge construction. Unfortunately those are some of the animals that my nephew most wanted to see.

A lot of the restrooms are very small and some of the diaper changing stations are outside, so make sure that you bring a mat that you can use. There are many restrooms though, so perfect if you have one that is just learning.

There are some special exhibits that cost extra. The dinosaurs were kind of cheesy but the kids liked them. You may not want to get the tickets for the special events. We spent the whole day at the zoo and didn’t get to see all of the animals in the main part (we skipped the fish) and we didn’t get into the rainforest at all.

The fulton road bridge is gone, so you may need to consider an alt roote. There was a traffic jam getting out at the end of the day, so you may want to wait a bit to leave or leave a bit early.

Have fun.

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