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Steven asks…

Is it possible to be addicted to poker?

Playing poker machines is the second greatest happiness in my life after smoking. Do you know how to win more frequently at the poker machines?

admin answers:

I used to manage an arcade of gaming machines (including poker machines) for one of the major UK bingo companies. The only way to win is to stop playing them- right now.
I’m absolutely serious. I have seen a lot of people try systems, try to play the percentages or just trust to luck. The result is always the same-ALWAYS. They eventually get skinned alive by these machines. I know people who have run up personal debts of 30, 50, and 100+ thousand pounds on these things. There is a law of diminishing returns involved here, which means that if you play for long enough you WILL lose everything.
Lots of people who think it’s harmless fun will give me thumbs down for this answer, but I know what I’m talking about. I spent Eighteen years taking money off of people just like you. I finally got out of the business because I could no longer live with ruining the lives of ordinary decent people for the sake of my shareholders.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Sandy asks…

What are some funny online names for poker?

I’m starting a poker account and I want a name like Bendova, something funny and original anybody have any ideas?

admin answers:

Ben Dover
Mike Hawk

Helen asks…

Poker Office wont work with Poker Stars what can i do ?

I got a registered version of Poker Office and when i launch it with a Poker Stars table, it won’t work. Everything appears ok but there is no statistics. What can i do ?

admin answers:

I use poker tracker for PS. So can’t offer any help other then…..


Jenny asks…

what is the best material to use for poker tables?

I know you can buy proper poker speed cloth but its more expensive than i want to pay any cheaper alternatives?

admin answers:

This one seems cheap.

Donna asks…

Should i file taxes from poker winnings at the casinos?

I’ve been playing poker at the casino now fro two weeks and been making a killing. I’ve profit over 6 grand so far over the past two weeks. And was thinkin about doing poker thing as a part time gig. Im afraid to deposit any money to my bank account in fear of being audit. What about should i do too playing poker and winning legally?

admin answers:

Should you? Legally speaking, yes…income is income.
Will the IRS know about it and come after you if you don’t? Probably not, especially if the winnings are over an extended period of time and no single winning was large enough that the casino had to report it ($600 seems to be a common lowest cutoff point, tho some don’t bother until it’s at least $1000.) However, it’s possible that the bank could report it if the amounts deposited strike them as suspicious (for example, each deposit just under the required amount that they’d have to report.) However, deposits of a few hundred here and there spread out over several weeks are unlikely to raise any red flags.

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