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James asks…

What casino in Las Vegas has the best video poker odds?

admin answers:

The Palms has several machines that will theoretically pay out more than 100% if you play perfectly.

Linda asks…

What are the Video Poker machines with best odds for the player?

I hear it’s Jacks or better since most others only pay you for trips or higher and even then, just even money on trips. That takes out pairs and 2 pair.

admin answers:

The wizard of odds has different strategies for different games and pay tables.
In a full pay deuces wild game with an optimal strategy players have a return of 100.77%, but there is a simple strategy that is easier to remember with a return of 100.71%.

Daniel asks…

Poker odds calculation help?

Are the odds you see when watching poker on the TV where you know what cards everyone has, different to players odds where you are calculating the odds yourself and dont know the other cards?

admin answers:

Yes they are as long as the person running the calculator inputs the dead cards appropriately. On TV they don’t seem to always do this.

Just as a simple example, if one has KK and another has 66 and someone mucked a 6, KK is a bigger favorite than the usual 82-18 favorite seen for a dominating pair.


as you can see, KK would become an 88-12 favorite now since its less likely that 66 will make a set if a 6 is mucked.

Mandy asks…

In three card poker, what are the odds of the dealer not qualifying?

I’ve tried searching for this in search engines but have come up empty.

admin answers:

The probability is 0.3040724 or 30.40724%.
Wich is 6720 possible combinations of 22100 at all.
To „bluff“ against the casino in this game and break even – you need 0.333333….
The optimal strategy for ANTE and PLAY is simple – play with Q64 or better.
Unless you know dealer’s cards 😉

Sandra asks…

POKER QUESTION: What are the odds of three Aces appearing on the flop?

What are the odds of three Aces coming up on the flop.

admin answers:

Obviously someone dropped you on your head when you were born.

I’m not yo momma. It wasn’t me, dude. Lay off the crack.

(Nobody understands what I’m talking about, but XtRedChaos does.)

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