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Betty asks…

What cruise ships have live poker?

Not the phony poker games ie: Caribbean Stud and Pai Gow.

admin answers:

Yes most all do have live poker. Most are $5/$10. However, I was on NCL earlier in the year and the rake was 10% unlimited!!!!!!

You cannot beat the game. The rake is too high. The most I ever saw playing was 5 or 6 people. Beware or the rake! If 5-6 people play with a 10% rake for 2 hours, the house will have all the money.

James asks…

How do I deal with situation at my poker game?

I have a weekly poker game with friends. They tend to play all night long. Some times until 4 am! Which I think is bumb!

Often times (win or lose) I like to go home at 1:30 am. I tell them this in advance that I will be leaving win or lose by that time.

Now people are getting mad at me when I leave early and they especially get mad when I leave a winner!

I keep trying to tell them that I have told them in advance and that I am leaving a winner or NOT.

I further inform them that I am NOT leaving because I am winning but because I get too tired and start making too many mistakes!

What can I do? It is getting annoying.

admin answers:

Call them sore losers and move on. It is normal for them to harass you. If you take it personal just stop going.

George asks…

every gotten robbed in a poker game?

Have you ever gotten robbed after playing in a poker game or heard stories? how common is it?

admin answers:

I have heard a story or two but it’s never happened to me. I don’t play live cash games anymore but when I did the two games I always played at were extremely safe.

Nancy asks…

Gambling Problems – What percentage of the public is afflicted to one game over another?

Are more people likely to be addicted to slots or table games or poker or sports?

Just wondering:)

admin answers:

If your talking about problem gamblers they define them in two catagories. Escape gamblers who play games of chance, which include slots and keno, and action gamblers who tend to play games considered to require skill ie blackjack, sports betting, horses, poker. The definition is a bit more detailed than that, but thats the essence.

95% of female problem gamblers are escape gamblers.
50% of male gamblers are escape gamblers

Overall the total population without taking into account gender 37% of gamblers are action, and 63% escape.

Looking at general research studies, if the study is done by the gambling industry, they claim about 1% of people are gambling addicts. If done by welfare groups they claim about 7% of people. General unbiased university research puts the figure somewhere in between at 3%.

Robert asks…

What online sites can you go on your iPod touch that you can win money?

I like things like poker and other games but it doesn’t have to be a game site. I’m looking for one that has prizesa or could be an app too . Thx

admin answers:

I don’t think there are any.
There are many rip offs and places where you could get viruses.
I dont recommend trusting any of them.

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