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Jenny asks…

What type of watch does poker professional patrik antonius wear?

I noticed on poker after the dark on nbc and aussie’s millions tourny, he wears a sweet chronograph with a big face, or so it appears. What brand watch does he wear, is he promoting the design or being fashionably conscious?

admin answers:

Patrik wears a Breitling Aeromarine Super Avenger. This watch will normally cost around $3500-4000 but Patrik has had sooooo much after market work done to his that it is now estimated to be worth $75-80k. You can see an upclose picture of his watch here, This photo was taken during the WPT Championship at the Bellagio last week.

Mary asks…

How much does a poker table cost in Melbourne, Australia?

I was looking to buy a poker table in Melbourne, Australia and I was just wondering if anyone knew how much it costs on average for a basic poker table.

Thank You to anyone who answers.

admin answers:

It’s sort of a how long’s a piece of string type question. Depends on what you’re looking for. You could probably get a cheap fold out type table for around the $80+ mark. Then you can pay anywhere up to $2 or $3k for a nice, solid timber table with drink holders.

Steven asks…

Should i deposit poker money just for kicks?

Well this is kind of awkward but im an underage poker player ive never really actually risked money (Well online anyways) I want to deposit $20 just for some fun and see how far i can get. Do you think this is a good idea?

admin answers:

I wouldn’t recommend that you lie about your age, if you deposit that $20 and turn it into $50, $2000, or whatever you aren’t going to be able to withdraw the money because they are going to verify your age a few different ways before they send you anything so it will be obvious you lied to them when you opened the account. At that point you might not get any of your money and they could freeze your account. Either wait until you’re 18 or play for fun. Depending on how old you are by the time you’re 18 online poker in the United States might be back close to what it was a year ago because right now the difference is pretty much night and day compared to when PokerStars and another site were up and running for us in my opinion.

Mark asks…

Question for medium to experienced poker players?

Since the time you started playing poker seriously, what is the estimated amount you are up or down, overall? Please honest answers only (there’s no point in lying), and only players who consider themselves frequent poker players. Thanks
That first answer is comeletely irrelevant to what i’m asking. Honestly can you read English? Why would you even answer with that?

admin answers:

I’m a very serious and committed poker player, I’ve played quite a lot for many years, and I’m up, but not nearly as much as I would have hoped/expected. I might be up $20,000-$30,000 altogether… Maybe more but I don’t have good records…, which isn’t so hot if you consider the amount of time and energy I’ve devoted. I’ve experienced lots of „swings“ (fluctuations in my bankroll), I’ve had to spend my poker bankroll on important things like wedding preparations and purchasing a home, and I’ve been broke a couple of times. However, I’ve taken more money out than I’ve put into it. My biggest single payday was $9,000, and I’ve had many in the low thousands… I’ve also had many losses of a thousand bucks in a day, or several thousand in a week.

If you judged my poker „career“ by the one year period from September 2007 through September 2008, it would be a disaster. I’m just getting on my feet again after the worst case of „going bad“ I’ve ever known. Fortunately, I was playing low stakes for most of that time, I was employed for most of the time, and the losses had no significant financial impact on my life… But it amounts to a lot of lost time.

I was able to scrape by and survive exclusively off of poker for about a year and a half, from late 2004 through the end of 2005. But life wasn’t a luxury cruise, and my bankroll was never fat enough to rise as high as I’d like. I did learn a hell of a lot, though, and don’t regret the time spent at all.

I’m not a big fan of all of Mason Malmouth’s writings, but he’s correct in discussing the „non-self weighting phenominon.“ If I apply it to poker, it’s this: If you try to rise in the world, your fortunes in the higher stakes impact your life much more than all the smaller stakes combined. If 90% of your time has been in low stakes, and 10% in high stakes, you actually haven’t played many hands of poker at all, as far as your bankroll knows. The swings in this situations can make or break you for real.

Hope this info helps. I’m still in it and fighting.

David asks…

Do you know where I can watch Poker After Dark online after that nights episodes?

I am trying to watch episodes of Poker After Dark that air at 2 am but want to view them after wards online. Do you know how I can do this? Am really more interested in episodes on Pot-limit Omaha if you have further information on how to watch this?

admin answers:

How many outrageous bad beats can I possibly get? This site is full of bots!! Ive been playing real live webcam poker on pokerview and its like the real thing without the insane amount of bad beats over and over. Wowww

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