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John asks…

How can i become a poker pro?

I’m 13 and i really want to have a good live with a good amount of money. i want to play poker in future. How can i improve my poker skills to become the best ?

admin answers:

That is a somewhat risky idea at your age since you are too young for any casinos yet. At your age it might be a good idea to buy some poker strategy books and read up. When you are of the proper age you should start with freerolls to see if you are good without actually risking actual money. This may prove rather tricky in the long run.

Linda asks…

Where can I practice playing poker on line with out playing serious players or for money?

I only played poker last night for the ifrst time ever!

admin answers:

I like Paradise Poker. You can order drinks and snacks from the waitress when it’s not your turn. Lol

Sandra asks…

What is a good gambling site for playing Double Jackpot Video Poker?

Double Jackpot video poker is so much fun!

admin answers:

Here’s a good gambling site with info about the Double Jackpot Video Poker game, along with a list of online casinos which have Double Jackpot Video Poker:

Good luck and have fun!

Thomas asks…

Can I be a Poker affiliate without having my own website?

Can I be a Poker affiliate without having my own website? If so what are some sites that offer this option?

admin answers:

Full Tilt Poker has an entire section dedicated for individuals looking to do offline marketing. Basically you just set up an account then click the „offline marketing“ button and bam you have everything right there for you to start promoting.
I would, however, advise at least setting up some sort of WordPress or Blogger blog as an online identity for you as both will cost you nothing to set up and you’ll have less of a chance someone mistypes your affiliate link in their browser.

Sandy asks…

How much proportion should I get for poker chips?

Hi I’m getting a set of 1000 poker chips they will be in $0.10, $0.50, $1, $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.

And I’m in a bit of a mix up on how much of each I want to get. I know usually it’s the lower denominations that is more but how would you chose the 1000 chips. I usually play 3-4 people.

admin answers:

What games do you play where you need 10 cent chips as well as $50 and $100?

8 different color chips? You don’t need that many. Just get 4 or 5, and don’t have the denominations on them.

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