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Linda asks…

How to handle my ex husband with my kid?

I have had enough. My ex is a huge gambler. In our divorce it states he will pay for daycare and all medical remaining after insurance. We agreed on 50/50 for visitation and expenses. He never pays on time. I have medical bills in collection now because i can not afford to pay them. He repeatly forgets about our sons hygiene. Our son is five. Over a dozen times he has returned him to me 2 days later in the same underwear. I know he loves our son and I don’t want to fight for sole custody but I feel his dad is a bad influence on him. My son knows more about horses, poker and online games then me. My ex also has no bills and makes 5x more than I do but he is self employed so even if I am granted child support I will never get it. I just want him to be responsible and teach our son how to be respectful. Ideas?

admin answers:

You already have a support order, so you can’t go after child support. You have to have the current order modified to allocate a specific amount to e paid through your states disbursement agency.

Your issues are minor,and would not be enough to warrant a change in custody. You have to have a constant and continuing change in circumstances to even file, and you don’t have that.

Your best recourse is only to speak wit Dad about your problems. My daughter goes t her mom’s and returns in te exact same thing that i sent her in 2 days later. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t bathing our daughter, it means she’s washing her stuff, ad sending her back in what she went in.

Resolve you issues with Dad unless you want to endure a legal battle that in the end will result in your wasting time and money.

Listening to Holli G will get you in one of two, very possibly both situations.

1. Sued for denial of visitation and found in contempt which is punishable by fines, jail, and community supervision. (probation)

2. Charged with Interference with Child Custody which is a felony in most states.

3. Receive punishment by both the civil and criminal sectors for denying visitation.

Your ONLY recourse if you are unhappy with the current visitation schedule is to have the order modified. If you take it upon yourself to deny him then you’re going to suffer SERIOUS consequences for doing so.

Maria asks…

anyone know where to find laws for playing poker in bars?

i am trying to set up a regular poker game in the bar i work in but i am unsure of the legalities. there will be no rake taken from the pots, a one off membership fee will be asked for to cover costs of cards, chips etc. no profit will be made by ‚the house‘, any winnings will go direct to the winner. it will be in a privately rented room. the guy who runs the bar is ok with it but i want to check up on any legal ramifications as i wouldnt want him to get shut down!
also i forgot to mention that this is in scotland so will be relevant to scots laws

admin answers:

My friend runs regular in a pub in our town.. He spent weeks researching it and says it is all legal. What he says is ….
1. You have to make it a private member club (25 or more members)
2. Any money charged for member fees must be used to buy stuff for your club.
3. House cant take any rakes.
4. Pub must have a Private Function Room.

There is a website which explains all this, when I find out what it is I will edit this.

Richard asks…

Is there a good site with FREE Joker Poker?

I love Joker Poker. It is my favorite video poker and I want to play it for free online on the internet.

admin answers:

Here’s a site with a cool multihand Joker Poker video poker game you can play for free:

The site also includes links to online casinos where you can play Joker Poker for free or real money.

George asks…

What is the significance of the ace in poker or any other card game?

Like in the motorhead song he says “ the only god i need the ace of spades“ just do you need it for anything that could make you win the game?

admin answers:

In Poker the Ace is generally significant in most versions of the game.

It is the highest ranking card, and at the same time in some versions the lowest ranking card. This makes it very valuable to a hand. There are versions, like 2-7 lowball, where it is not valuable, but that is more the exception.

In many other games like Bridge, Canasta, Pinochle, etc. It is also the highest ranking card.

As for the Ace of Spades, it is usually thought of as the highest of the highest, perhaps for a few reasons….

In Bridge, Spades is the highest ranking suit. In „Spades“ the Ace is the highest ranking card period and will always win the trick.

Also, usually card manufacturer’s have a special design for the Ace of Spades, while the other Aces just have a standard design for their suit. The cards are also usually packaged in a new deck where the Ace of Spades is the visible card (though it is actually at the bottom of the deck).

Have Fun!

Sandra asks…

When playing strip poker (or any strip game), What monetary amount do you assign to different items of clothes?

Pick some avatars here to play strip poker.

admin answers:

Give me some vodka and I’ll just take them off

<— easy


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