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Steven asks…

Where to play online poker with real money?

My fiance loves poker and would love to play online for real money, I heard somewhere that this is illegal with American currency, is this true? And if not, which website is most trustworthy?

admin answers:

It is not true, it is perfectly legal to bet online in US funds. For the USA players, the most reputable online poker rooms are…
Bovada- – Great pool of players and network

BetOnline- Instant 25% bonus on every deposit


Donald asks…

What do you think about me quiting sixth form in order to pursue my destiny as a professional Poker player?

I have yet to learn how to play poker.
I like my chances

admin answers:

As I have posted before:

I did so for a few years during college. It is possible if you put in the time and effort and are of at least average intelligence. You must have good bankroll management, control over your emotions, and the time to play. It is NOT easy. It is utterly frustrating at times and can be very demoralizing. You are always trying to make money from others who may be working just as hard at their game to make money off you. You must stay ahead of the curve and be constantly looking for the best games. Studying hand histories is a must. Reading/posting on the 2+2 forums is nearly a must. Subscribing to a video site is nearly a must. Getting a coach is nearly a must.

Supposedly about 10% of players are winners. Of those, only the ones who put in lots of hours, control themselves, and rise to reasonable stakes can make a living.

Also, it depends on what you mean by „a living“. If you mean you need to get by with a part-time equivalent income for a few years, then it isn’t all that hard. If you are looking to make a long-term career out of it, unless you are verry smart, verry determined (addictive personality), or flat out crazy, I would look elsewhere. The poker bubble has come and gone and players are mostly decent by now. The catchup curve is quite large by now and the higher stakes games take lots of dedication and smarts to break into. More importantly though, is that there is no guarantee that poker, as profitable as it has been and still is, will be around in 5 years. Do you want to take that chance? It might work out, but for a vast, vast majority it won’t work out to be a long-term, profitable, and HAPPY career that most think it will be. It can be lonely, unhealthy (both physically and mentally), without benefits (insurance, etc), and ultimately a zero on your future resume.

Btw, if you are doing it for the money, ultimately being a good entrepreneur will be much more profitable. Many poker players realize this, such as Hellmuth and others that actually make a bulk of their income from business interests and play poker for the fame, success, and enjoyment.

Ruth asks…

How wide are poker chips in general?

I bought poker chips that are 39mm in diameter, but it doesn’t tell me the width. I know that it will be extremely small, but could someone tell me? I would prefer that it is in millimeters, but anything is acceptable.

admin answers:

I just visited a site that said ten of their chips stacked on top of each other was 33.91mm thick. So that’s about 3.39mm in width each. Keep in mind that these are different chips than you own probably.

Susan asks…

Is it accepted to take a cut when hosting a poker tornament?

I’m hosting a poker tournament, it’s just with small money like $15 each for 10 people,
To cover the cost of the set,
Could I take $1 from everybody, and give them $14 worth of chips?
Is this normal? Would people be ok with this do you think?

admin answers:

I don’t know about where you live, but that’s illegal in most of the US. I’m sure a lot of people do it when hosting just friends, but it’s still illegal nonetheless. Most people I know just tell everyone to bring something with them.

Joseph asks…

What should I expect for 1st time poker table?

I got into Los Angeles- KROQs 10K Poker Play at San Manuel and was wondering what should i do to not feel so lost. Do i need to figure out all the chips worth? I have played online a bit but never in a casino.

admin answers:

Pay attention to what is going on. If you have a question, you can ask it when you check in.

Try to keep your nerves down and use your on-line experience to make your decisions. Call out the amounts you want to bet or raise. This way you won’t gather an incorrect amount of chips.

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