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David asks…

What is it about the „luck of the draw“ that makes people want to challenge it?

One could say that about anything–playing poker, scratch cards, board games, career moves–but what is it about „luck“ that presents a challenge to some people. They will constantly try to beat anything where „luck“ is an overarching factor.

admin answers:

I think you will find the more successful in the world dont try these „luck“ options of success. For others, it is their way of being on a level playing field in the hope that they will win and come out on top.

I could race Usain Bold 1000 times and I would never win, but if i played him 1000 times at a game of luck, I would get to experiene beating him on a regular basis. I guess I would win about 500 out of the 1000 times. Worth the gamble if you ask me, just to say i beat him…. No-one needs to know it wasnt at a 100m race!!

Sandy asks…

Where can I ask these questions for the best feed back?

Questions like: „You can put your answers to them as well“ = )

1) If someone could only say yes what would you ask them or tell them do to?

2)If you saw me skinny dipping and I didn’t notice you, would you steal my clothes?

3)What would provoke you to pulls someones swimming trunks down or even steal them in the pool?

4)Other then strip poker, what other games do you strip in?

admin answers:

Ask them here

1) Give me a million pounds

2) Yes, and sell them – you don’t need them.

3) If the guy kept provoking me, or pestering me, asking me out etc

4) I play strip anything…lol

Susan asks…

what poker game should i play?

So what poker game should i download?
I dont have internet everyday but i want to play poker.
In short im looking for a poker game that does not need internet to use.

admin answers:

I would say texas holdem is so fun

Donald asks…

what is the law on video poker machines now? like can anyone open a game room with the machines in any state?

if you can open up a video poker game room what states and town can you do it in?

admin answers:

You’re only going to be able to operate gambling machines in states that permit it. Only 11 states currently permit non-Native American casino-type gambling. I don’t know all the states that allow it, but I do know some are in the West–Montana and Wyoming, for example.

Mark asks…

Where do you go after a Poker game?

or what do you do after a poker game? being specific would mean a lot! Thanks!!

admin answers:

Depends on if I won or not. If I lost I go home; if I won then out to celebrate.

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