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Robert asks…

when should i rase in poker game and how much?

i play no limit poker every friday night and saturday night at a pool hall. at night they turn it into a poker house. $100 buy in. $1.00/$2.00 blind. later on it goes up to $2.00/$5.00 blind. my question is when should i make the raise on flops, turn and river card? how do all you pro poker player make your raise? last night i was up $600, but i lost it all back including the $200 buy in. thank you all in advance for your replies.

admin answers:

It all depends on the situation and what comes down on the board. But basically i like to raise 3-4 times the big blind when i open a pot. If i am up front then i might even make it 5 times the big blind. As far as the flop, turn, and river go it does have a lot to do with what kind of hand do you have and what hand does your opponent likely hold. If I’m on a draw i like to over bet the pot to push weak hands out and even if they call i still have outs. If i hit the flop hard then i like to value bet calling stations all the way down. Just playing in the end is the best way to learn how to play. Good luck.

Maria asks…

What is the game in which you drop the Poker chips onto other poker chips and you have to match the colors?

Well, Ive seen this game awhile back at dave and busters. Its not plinko or connect 4. Its played on an arcade machine. I want to be able to play it online or at least the name would help a bunch! Thank!

admin answers:

The game is called CHIP AWAY.

Joseph asks…

What game is prefered by professional poker players Texas hold’em Omaha or Stud?

What game do the pros play the most? I doubt its hold’em because it is so easy to suffer from a bad beat.

admin answers:

Hold’em is probably the best known game. Most online players start with hold em but progress to different areas. The biggest change I have noticed in recent years is the move towards Omaha High Low.

Most players start with Hold’em because it is the most commonly known game, but when they become a little more experienced, they soon learn that they can profit more at some of the other games where the experience gap is slightly wider.

The HORSE poker tournaments seem to be getting busier. We can see this by looking at the WSOP event. The $50,000 entry will ensure that one day the HORSE poker event will have a bigger prize purse than hold’em in years to come.

Carol asks…

Can a 10 inch notebook cope with low action gaming?

Can you play games like poker , where the only ‚moving‘ graphics are virtual chips sliding across the screen, or are the capabilities of a notebook insufficient to cope with this? If so what’s the minimum HD,Ram etc it would require.

admin answers:

If by a 10 inch notebook you mean NETbook then yeah probably. Same with any notebook. If it is online poker, pretty much any notebook with a processor an 1 GB of ram and flashplayer should handle it. If it is a game on a cd rom, check the game requirements. But personally, I’d stay away from a netbook and go with any laptop with a dual core processor (at least) and 2 gb of ram. It will cost less than 500. Hope this helped.

Daniel asks…

How do I play other games in the Harvest Sprite casino on Harvest Moon DS?

I have unlocked all three dealers in the casino, but I can still only play the matching game, when I have been told that I should be able to play poker and blackjack. Is this just my game or is there something else I need to do?

admin answers:

This is all I have found:

„If you find all three, you can play all three games, but finding just one of the games will open the casino.

You need to unlock Hops before you can play poker. The Poker game sprite can be found if you investigate the water well just to the left of Griffin’s Blue Bar. To begin the game, speak to Hops and select play poker.

In the yard of the Inn you’ll find a potbelly stove. You will need to hop over the fence to reach it. Investigate the stove to find the Blackjack sprite (Tep).“

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