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John asks…

How do i speed up my computer while playing farmville or poker on facebook?

Whenever i play famville or poker on facebook my computer gets very very slow….

don’t advise me to buy a new computer OR get more ram and some other shit coz im broke

admin answers:

Hi Hamza,

I would recommend you two things to speed up your FarmVille game:

1. If you are using internet explorer, try downloading Google Chrome, I tried FarmVille on both browsers and it works better in Chrome.

2. You can surround your farmer between hay bales so he doesn’t need to move around when plowing, seeding and harvesting (you can check a video on the sources to see how it works)

Lisa asks…

How do I pretend to be an asshole at the poker table to set players up to go on tilt?

I am looking for ideas on how to piss people off at the poker table? How can I slow role them? What are things i can do too set them up to go oofff? I want to pertend that I am an idiot? do u guys have any ideas?

admin answers:

Just be yourself, I think you’ll be fine.

Helen asks…

What online poker sites can I actually use in Massachusetts?

I’d like to try my luck at some online poker. I think that it is semi-legal to do online gambling in the U.S. and was wondering if any sites accept people from Massachusetts. I would want to pay in and be able to cash out as well. Can anyone give me and guidance as to whether this is legal or even possible?

admin answers:

Cake poker or americas cardroom which accept US players. Once fulltilt and PS accepted US players, but they are now closed for you.

Michael asks…

Is it possible to play poker online for real money?

I am obsessed with online poker games and some of my friends suggested that playing online poker with real money instead of virtual money is even more exciting. So is it possible playing online poker and win real money?

admin answers:

If you are new to real money online poker you should really take care as you can get hurt badly at the tables. Most of the poker websites let their members play with real money but that doesn’t mean that all of them do a particularly good job. I would suggest you start playing at a site that offers free rolls with a chance to win real money. If you take your time you can build up a small bank roll which you can then take to real money games without the risk of losing your own cash. Try here

Gud luck!

Mandy asks…

Would a career change from Insurance professional to a professional poker player be irresponsible?

I would be going from a respectable 6 figure income to not sure what. Also I am ashamed to admit my savings are rather paltry. I also have dependents. But poker is my passion. What to do, what to do?

admin answers:

Can you not do it on the side…
If you got dependents like children, Please wait until they are grown before you quit your job to go to the unsure!
They depend on you and it would be irresponsible to lose your job and lose all your money at poker!

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