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Lizzie asks…

What’s the best free site for online video poker players?

I’m looking for a free site about playing video poker online.

admin answers:

I think this is the best free site about playing video poker online:

It explains how to play the games and has free video poker games you can play on their site. They also list online casino freebie offers too!

Chris asks…

Where from can i get free poker no deposit bonus?

Hey, i am looking for sites which offer best free poker no deposit bonus. So if anyone has any idea about any poker room or poker sites which offer best offers please be kind enough to let me know as well.

admin answers:

There are many sites offering no deposit poker bonuses and free poker bankrolls. No deposit bonuses are basically valid for new players only, and often provide free money to test out the poker rooms. In order to get free poker money, players have to register for an account. In the majority of cases card details are not required, but all personal information (name, email and address) will be needed … You should check out NoDepositPokerKing They offer all available No Deposit Poker Bonus Codes and great poker freerolls, so you can play real money poker at leading online poker rooms without investing your own money.

Nancy asks…

Is 4 years of poker experience enough for WSOP?

If I play online poker now until im 21 (4 years), with some real life tournaments too, will I be good enough to have a fair chance of a cash finish in WSOP?
By the way, I will be very dedicated in my practice of the 4 years, with many hours every day of practice. Appreciate any help/answers!

admin answers:

I have to agree with the first answer. However, don’t let him discourage you.

Your biggest issue with playing in the WSOP will likely be the size of your bankroll. Ideally, you never want to buy into a tournament with more than 5% of your entire bankroll. So it’s not a matter of simply building up to $10,000, it’s a matter of getting to $200,000!

People your age have done it though. Annette Oberstad, Tom Dwan, so youth is definitely not a handicap.

I’m 26 and I’ve been playing for about 10 years. The best advice I could give you, is to study up. Books, forums, and poker shows, are all great assets.

Do you play online for real money under someone’s account? If so, you really should brush up on the bankroll management issue. That way, learning the hard way isn’t so painful, because in the beginning, you’re destined to go broke a few times. Proper bankroll management will make the learning process much easier on you.

May your cards be live and your pots be monsters =)

Susan asks…

Do you think it is better to invest my money or to play poker?

I’ve been playing poker for a year in my spare time and have been unsuccessful so far.

admin answers:

If you are young and can spare a few years of risk for an experience to remember then playing poker is a good choice if you are good. Investing is also good but there’s no glory in it or good stories like poker has.

Donna asks…

I watched a Poker match for the first time the other night. What a complete joke Poker is?

I love the way they never move their faces, AS IF anyone of them has any idea what it means when they even slighly alter their facial appearance.

As for the clothes, they look completely stupid. Every one of those players had an IQ of 30, and couldn’t get a proper job if they tried.

Poker is based on PURE luck.

Prove me wrong.

admin answers:

Why would they want to get a „proper“ job? The good players make millions.. Every year! Luck? How come you see the same faces at the final tables time after time? Bet you have never heard of a „Tell“ at a poker table. A good player can tell what you have by the way your pupils dilate. That’s one reason the dark glasses.
Think what you want.. Poker obviously is not for you.

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