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Laura asks…

Why is a hundred dollar bill called a „smoke“?

I was in a card game (poker) and they kept raising by saying 1 smoke, 2 smokes, 4 smokes. I’ve heard this before in other states also.

admin answers:

I’m not sure if you are a smoker or not, but if you ever go to a store to buy cigs most brands have an option of 100’s, lites, or other. The 100’s size cigs are the original long length cigs and players relate the big cigs to the big bill relationship of the 100’s to the $100. For more history, tips, or strategy feel free to visit my site at

David asks…

Is it wrong that I prefer to be with my family over friends or social obligations?

I am not the type of guy that likes to play poker, watch a game, or have a beer with my friends. I would honestly rather spend my spare time hanging out with my boy’s and my wife. watching movies, or playing video games, or just going for a walk with them. The problem is this presents problems at my work sometimes because I don’t go hang with the guys. What should I do?

admin answers:

Its not wrong in the slightest. In fact most people would see this as a good thing. Too many people ignore their families and spend too much time out with the guys.
I am the same way, i would rather take my daughter out on the river in a conoe then go to a bar or what ever with „the guys“
As for this causing problems at work, you can always find another job. Not so easy to start another family.

Lisa asks…

What is your favorite Table game to play when your at a Casino?

Blacjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Etc?

admin answers:

BlackJack all the way. Fun table game. At least for me .. The most of the people prefer poker though. 😛

Mark asks…

What do you want to know about poker or wish you knew when you started playing?

I’m trying to help some friends of mine learn to play Texas Hold’em Poker better and improve my own game.

admin answers:

I wish I knew more about pot equity when I started.

Carol asks…

What are some adult themed valentine party games?

I’m hosting a party and am thinking about doing some naughty games. What are some good ideas?

admin answers:

Beer pong strip. Poker strip.

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