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Laura asks…

Does anyone know the deck of cards casinos use for playing poker?

If you watch any of the poker after darks those are the cards I am referring to. Im not sure if they are KEMs or Copag. Or whatever other brand they may be.

admin answers:

The ones I see used in casinos are KEM and Gemaco.

Never seen Copag used. I own some copag, they’re nice and durable but are less springy (the other two kinda resemble the feel of Bee/Bicycle, whereas copags are very flexible).

Carol asks…

Where can I find a girly poker Myspace layout?

I want a pink or more girly poker layout for my Myspace page. Can you help?
Those two don’t have any poker layouts.

admin answers:

You can make pinky layout at

Mark asks…

Am I good enough to play poker professionally?

I have been playing online poker for a year and 2 weeks ago I decided to play more serious to try and build my bankroll. I deposited 50 dollars and was playing cash games (9 at table) and I’ve made the 50 into 700 dollars in 2 weeks?

admin answers:

You are absolutely NOT good enough. How do I know that? Easy – you turned $50 into $700 in 2 weeks.

That means you are playing kamikaze poker, and you will soon be broke.

You multiplied your bankroll times FOURTEEN in just 2 weeks!!! Do you realize what that would actually mean if it were normal to build your bankroll 14X in 2 weeks? I’ll tell you:

In 4 weeks total, (2 weeks from now), you would have $9,800.

In 6 weeks total, you would have $137,200.

In 8 weeks total, you’d be a millionaire with $1,920,800.

In 14 weeks, you’d be a multibillionaire with $5,270,675,200.

The truth is, within 2 more weeks you’ll be broke. Then don’t ask strangers this question. Just ask yourself to be honest with yourself.

Linda asks…

What sounds like plastic poker chips being stacked or raked in?

There is a contest where you hear a sound and have to guess what it is. It sounds like poker chips being stacked, or like legos being poured out. Kind of like a Coin Star. Any ideas?!

admin answers:

A slinky going down a flight of stairs might sound like it.. Just a guess..

William asks…

Where can I buy a poker hockey shirt?

I am trying to buy a hockey jersey for my husband. He mentioned that he found them online and that you could personalise them with various poker players names. He didn’t buy it for himself because delivery was 3-4 weeks. I was hoping to get this for christmas. Any ideas?

admin answers:

Here it is on Ebay, not sure about shipment times but you should be ok.

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