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Michael asks…

What games can we play that are sort of sexy?

We’ll both be on vacation for the month of September and because we live together, we usually spend our vacations visiting family. But he asked if we could just stay home and relax, so I agreed. But four weeks doing the same thing? I mean, I want to make a little more exciting. Strip poker is definitely out of the question. I hate card games and he’s an expert at it, so I don’t want to dive into it too quickly. I want to have fun with him, so any better ideas? I mean, at least something similar to strip poker?

admin answers:

I think most board games can be spiced up. You know how lots of games have ‚lose a turn‘ that can be changed to lose a piece of clothing. Another thing you can do is use dice. Write on a bit of paper 12 challenges or dares and when you roll the dice you have to do whatever your number is. You can actually buy dice that has kinky things written on them rather than numbers. You could surprise him with a few sexy outfits as well.

Ruth asks…

Are there ways you can increase the chances of winning a game of poker?

Memory, bluffs, etc. What and how should these be done during the game? thanks

admin answers:

Hi Confused.

OK, I think the most important thing to do is developing the ability of reading your opponents, choosing the right starting hands strategy, and you need to understand how to manage your bankroll so you always can feel in your comfort zone while your playing .

Here some links that can help you to understand concepts from above : .

If you choose to play online it’s also important to choose good and secure poker room , here you’ll find list of the best and most secure poker rooms online .

Carol asks…

Fun pub crawl games for girls?

I am organising a country pub tour for me and 13 of my girlz for my 26th bday. Does anyone know of some good fun games to entertain us??? Dont want any heavy drinking games as we have to last 12 hours! I’ve already got the poker game planned which I found on here, can anyone think of any others?

admin answers:

Any nuber can play this game – but it’s the most fun for about 4 – 6 people. Take turns playing and watching, maybe enjoying a nice drink while doing so 🙂

Have 6 people choose 6 drinks – it can be anything, mixed, beer, shots or even a glass of pure grenadine (I’d rather shoot a nasty alcohol than down a glass of grenadine!!).

Get a dice and throw it one person at a time. First one to get a 6, gets to choose who drinks – second one to get a 6 gets to choose the drink, and third one to hit a 6 pays for the drink.

George asks…

What is the best Video Game system and game to learn Poker?

I have a PS2 and Gamecube, what games would you recommend?

admin answers:

The best game out there for the PS2 is The World Series of Poker, the newest one also tells you what professionals would do with the hand you have, whether you would hold em or fold em. Also, they let you kno the percentage of winning the hand, and how to calculate that percentage.

Nancy asks…

How do you send a game to someone so they can download it?

My son did have the game callled Full Tilt Poker and when he tried to update it – it disappeared and he can’t reload it. The icon is gone also. It is on my computer and I want to send it to him. Is this possible? Thanks for any help from anyone.

admin answers:

If its no longer installed on your son’s computer, you are going to have to send him the setup.exe file for the game in order for him to install it on his machine.

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