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James asks…

What would be a catchy wrestling finisher name?

It has to go allow the lines of a poker (or other card game’s) action/action’s, as my ring name is Tommy Aces. Also, provide a description of the finisher.

admin answers:

Old Maid

Ruth asks…

Should us Atheist be worried if we are lousy poker players?

I don’t think I have ever won a game of poker in my life.

admin answers:

Not at all.

Strip poker at my house guys.

William asks…

Movies that involve a man losing/getting a house in a game of poker?

I’m trying to figure out which movie (or tv series?) this is that I’m thinking of. It was a guy who bet a lot during a game of poker on a river boat. He either won or lost and walked outside to talk with a woman? I think she was upset with him about something.
I tried googling for answers, but I can’t find anything. D: Any help?

admin answers:

Try Cincinnati Kid. Maybe that’s the one. He loses everything in the last scene.

Joseph asks…

Would you play strip poker with a friend?

Girls, if a friend challenged you to a game of strip poker (or some other game you both agree on), would you play? Why or why not?

admin answers:

Who else would I play it with?

Lizzie asks…

i want to know if ther is some texas hold hem poker tournements in the whitby ontario canada area?

any poker games will do

admin answers:

There are plenty of underground games in the Toronto area. Casino Rama occasionally runs tournaments.

Blue Huron in Port Perry is the closest legal game to Whitby. They have occasional tournaments.

For daily tournaments Syracuse NY is the closest.

Brantford Ontario might also be worth looking at

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