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Joseph asks…

How to view people profile when we play poker?

I am friends with this person in Texas HoldEm poker, but I can’t view his Facebook profile? Oh please don’t tell me you never done that! 😛

admin answers:

Maybe he/she is using a dummy account, a lot of people create account specifically for playing texas holdem.. Or perhaps you need to add him/her as a friend in facebook, his/her privacy settings might have been turned on..

Steven asks…

How do you set your network as none(nothing) in Zanga facebook poker?

I don’t want people to see my network while playing poker, but I don’t want to quit my network either. I’ve seen other people who are in the same network I’m in, and they are able to hide their network in poker.

admin answers:

It cant be done.

Robert asks…

Whats the link for zynga poker giving away 60 dollars?

About 20 minutes ago, texas holdem poker put a link on facebook saying if you do this survey and talk to someone on the phone for 45 minutes, you can get a 60 dollar amazon gift card. Whats the link?

admin answers:

Click the link on facebook. P.S. Zynga is a scam so dont get your hopes up on getting 60$ for free after all would you give away 60$ for free?

Donald asks…

is it legal to have an under 18 poker tournament?

I would like to know if it is legal in the UK to host an under 18 poker tournament. There will be no buy-in fee, but there will be prizes for the winners. I understand gambling is illegal under 18, but with no buy-in fee, surely it’s not gambling? Thanks for your help.

admin answers:

If it’s organised as a skills competition with no gambling involved, it’s legal. In England and Wales there can be no contractual obligations on the participants, although there can be in Scotland if they are over 16.

Ken asks…

Are the ‘free poker money’ on offer actually free?

There are numerous poker websites that offer new customers no deposit bonuses and free poker money. But, are they actually ‘free’ or is there some catch or hidden policies?

admin answers:

There is no catch, no deposit poker rooms just want you to try them for free. Just as in the players club promotions at Vegas casinos, but online free poker cash offers are even more generous because of the lower costs. Just like casino compliments in Vegas also winnings resulting from online no deposit bonuses can be cashed out after required number of bets (raked poker hands). If you get lucky or have good poker skills and know how to play poker and win then you can turn this free poker cash into poker bankroll, possible winnings are unlimited. If not, these free no deposit poker bonus offers will help you to discover what kind of players play at poker room and if there is possibility to be profitable. Then you can take advantage of their usually generous poker deposit bonus and get even more free poker money.

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