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Lisa asks…

Vegas World 5 card draw poker use to be fun?

The poker game use to be fun.Now they have it set up so its impossbile to win.Worst yet-they have lower the point value for various hands.What gives-its suppose to be fun

admin answers:

Yeah man

Daniel asks…

What are good make out and rolling around games?

hey, I really need some help, my girlfriend and her friends are coming over when my parents are out of town. There is going to be 4 guys and 4 girls. The thing is I really want to do her and I don’t know any good make out or rolling around games.

no poker or poker

admin answers:

The typical, spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven, truth or dare:)

Ruth asks…

What is the best poker hand to play and win a game?

The unbeatable hand to finish with that will obliterate the opposition and dam them to hell! Oh yeah it’s only because I am writing a book and google only provides poker company’s!!!

admin answers:

Assuming no wild cards, a royal flush is an unbeatable hand. However, that’s not necessarily the ‚best‘ hand…having the nuts (unbeatable hand) does you no good if you can’t get someone to call your bets. In that respect, the ‚best‘ hand is one that’s disguised so that the opposition has no idea they’re outclassed…for example, the board comes A2K2A and your opponent has AK in the hole while you have 22. The other guy is probably going to be betting into you the whole way while probably never realizing he was trailing badly every step of the way.

Michael asks…

Jacks or Better video poker bonus game. Is it a good bet?

I was playing jacks or better video poker and where I was playing they had a bonus game after you won where you can double your win if you want. A card apears and you pick one of four cards. If the card is higher you double your win. If you lose you lse your total bet initially won. Is this a good bet? Does anyone know a stratigy for this game?

admin answers:

Many video poker games and slot machines are not beatable even if you follow an exact strategy. The only way to beat these games is if you are getting a casino bonus by playing them. I would try learning the strategy of Hold em Poker and playing it either online or in the casino. Good luck!

Charles asks…

What is the difference between a game and a sport?

I have heard people say poker and bowling are sports.
If that is the case, then bowlers and poker players would be considered athletes. Yet there is nothing athletic about what they do.
So can someone clarify for me the difference between a sport and a game?

admin answers:

I think a game is something for fun and a sport is something competitive. Of course, there are exceptions, competitive video gaming is never a sport, but if you are a world champion bowler I think I would call that a sport.

I don’t know!

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