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Carol asks…

For real money poker players; how do you withdraw your money?

Just wondering how you get it since the current laws try to make online poker to be a crime.

admin answers:

Just cash out and request a check.

There are no laws that prohibit playing poker online, even for cash. No one has ever been arrested for playing poker for real money online. You should not have any fear of playing poker for cash online.

There was a law that was passed in October of 2006 called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which disallows transferring money from an American financial institution to an internet gambling site, but this does not put the consumer (you) at risk. Only the banks that transfer money to the gaming sites would be at risk.

Ironically, since the law was passed, it has become easier to make a deposit on a poker site. Before the UIGEA was passed, most deposits went through a third party ewallet site called NETELLER (the PayPal of online gaming sites). Credit card deposits were only available to non-US players. Now, credit card deposits are the primary method for getting money on poker sites.

Also note that this does not prohibit money from flowing in the other direction. If a poker site sends you a check, you can cash it with no problems at all.

Steven asks…

Who is the most underrated poker professional?

Who do u think is the most underrated poker pro, based on the fact they win several tournaments and win consistently, but are never really given the celebrity spotlight that say a Hellmuth or Negreanu gets..

admin answers:

Wow, that defines a ton of poker professionals…i could go on and on, but i think allen cunningham, despite the fact that he made the main event final table and has been the most consistent player at the wsop over the past three years including this year, doesn’t get near the credit he deserves…others include david pham, j.c. Tran, and nam le

Richard asks…

How much money should I bring to Vegas to play poker?

I am going to Vegas with friends for 5 days and was wondering how much money I should bring with. I plan to play a lot of poker mostly 1/3 and maybe some 2/5 everyday while we are there. How much money do you think I should bring for poker for 5 days? Also how much money should I expect to spend on food, taxi, shows, etc? We plan on only going to at least 1 show while there. Also how much money should I expect to spend each day there? (not including poker or gambling)

admin answers:

Only as much as you can afford to lose.

Shows are often over $100; taxi at $2 a mile (?)* and 10+ miles from far end of strip to Old Town (but there are buses, too; plus from and back to airport); food is now the same price as everywhere else (no more super cheap buffets); hotels can be anywhere from $30 to $300+ a night; alcohol can be pricey (or free, when gambling); lots of high end botiques, and lots of souvenirs for sale.

* you only get taxis at the load/unload zones of the hotels and casinos; not along the Strip, even if you get tired while walking.

Daniel asks…

What kinda mental attitude in poker puts you on tilt?

All the time? I just hate when I’m on tilt cause like 90% of the time I get turned or rivered with the best hand its the thing that every poker player should fear…

admin answers:

To avoid tilt, you have to understand the mathematics behind a bad beat. Instead of looking at your beat as bad luck, you need to understand that 1 out of however many hands, you will inevitably receive that beat.

For example, let’s say you have a straight against two pair on the turn and all the money goes in the pot right there, your opponent has 4 outs which amounts to roughly 8% winning odds. What that means is that once every 11 hands, you will lose with your straight. If you keep thinking about how you will inevitably lose that pot once every 11 times you’re in that situation, you start to realize that it’s not bad luck, but that you are supposed to lose it every so often.

Every bad beat really is just the odds realizing itself. If this was not part of the game, then there would be no such thing as making money from poker, because the better players will hardly lose like in chess. Poker is the perfect game because of the way it allows the bad players to have a certain percentage of chance to win so they don’t realize that they actually lose far more often and decide to quit the game. So the next time you get badbeated, just know that if you win 100% of the time you make the best decision, there wouldn’t ever be anyone there to make wrong decisions.

Lizzie asks…

When did Tyler and Anthony play poker on Eastenders?

They played a game of poker and Tyler deliberately let them lose. What night was this episode on?

admin answers:

Dont know .. Maybe it was thursday

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