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Michael asks…

I would like to know the truth about poker?

Is poker really a game guys would play if money was not involved? My boyfriend argues with me a lot that poker is not gambling and that the game has a strategy other than luck- I think differently. What are your opinions on poker?

admin answers:

It’s a bit hard to play poker without bet, what would you put your chips against? Chocolates? I do think it a bet game unless its strip poker hhaha hope thats not your bf case.

It does have a strategy but you also count with a bit of lucky,I would say 50/50

Sandra asks…

How do I prepare for a poker tournament?

Hi, I have been playing online poker for quite a while now, but I have never played it in real life. I plan on going to a poker tournament and I don’t want to look like an idiot newbie who doesn’t know when to check or fold or even realize what is going on.

I have been looking for an unedited video of at least 10 minutes of poker from the same angle.

Any help would be much appreciated


admin answers:

Believe me, there is a HUGE difference playing online versus playing at the physical table.
You have no choice but to get yourself to a poker or casino room, and practice, practice, and practice until you feel comfortable being at the real table.
At the same time you need to practice, practice, practice at a place like this so you do not lose any money, but you win real money.
Such a place provides you realistic number generation, and the competition you need for real money, and yet feel the burn of gamblers and donkeys who are on your table, because they will do stupid and unexpected things and win by pure stupid luck. You need to experience all of that and learn how to deal with them all.
Take the skill gained online and try them on the real table. See something or read something in a book, then try it out online. It has to be online like the kind of place I gave a link to. It cannot be any sort of place, and it absolutely cannot be a only free poker place.
Play the tables that have the largest prizes, and thus experience better players.

You just missed a great $27,000 game that gave a free seat and all expenses paid and cash for spending to an expensive WPT tournament. More coming up, and always $10,000 or larger games at end of the month, and best of all.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 … You do not have to risk any of your money. Oh, of course there are lots of $1000 games you get to play, and I think multiple such games every day for different time zones.

Robert asks…

Tell some tips to play poker?

I know to play the poker but I didn’t well so as I want to improve give some tips how to play the poker game….

admin answers:

The first thing to understand is that poker online is not the same as brick & mortar casino poker… While the rules are generally the same, the way the games play are very different. The primary reason for this is that there is a complete lack of visual tells online. This means that online players must bet to gain information about their hand, whereas the same information is available to casino players from visual clues. This means that there is many more probe bets made online, which in turn leads to probe raises.

Paul asks…

Why is bridge legal in India and Poker illegal? the concepts are similar. ?

I know cash game poker is gambling. But tournament poker is similar to bridge. Thats why the WSOP is telecasted on ESPN . So can the WSOP/WPT be held in India?

admin answers:

Poker gets a worse rap than bridge presumably because there’s fewer little old ladies who play it 🙂 As for a WPT tournament in India it will never happen due to it not being legal.

King Cobra Poker

Daniel asks…

Any tips on how to become good at card shuffling?

I play poker.. Sometimes in home games we have to shuffle and deal ourselves, but i’m just not good, how can I get better?

admin answers:

Practice makes perfect.

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