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Lizzie asks…

Can anybody recommend an online poker site (cash) that is reputable and safe?

I have heard that fultilt poker is good. Any feedback?

admin answers:

Yes, you can say tilt is one of the best sites for poker. You will find review here

Richard asks…

Are the people who have been saying online poker is rigged now vindicated with the Full tilt license suspended?

Many players have been saying that several online poker sites are rigged and full tilt was one of them. Now they have been closed down after a special investigation that has raised several issues.

admin answers:

Same as ultimate bet when that got closed down . They had ghost accounts and back doors, they could see all the players hole cards . And the community cards.

The amount of times i got rivered . When i had em by the balls was unbeleivable . I suspected it a long time before it was proven .

Lots of online casinos are the same .

Best not to gamble

Jenny asks…

How do you play strip poker with cards?

How do you play strip poker?

admin answers:

Well you can just play and the loser of each hand removes a piece of clothing. Or like in real poker you would bet an article of clothing and the loser would have to remove it. Just hope no one wants to raise your bid or it could get pretty chilly, pretty fast.

Paul asks…

Does anyone know if there are any professional Bahamian poker players who play on an International Level?

Does anyone know if there are any professional Bahamian poker players who play on an International Level?

World Series of Poker, Pokers Stars etc?

admin answers:

I imagine there are. After all there are yearly poker tournaments held there.

James asks…

How often do they have breaks in Poker tournaments?

I’m not keen on the idea of sitting at a Poker table for 4 hours or more without breaks.
How does it work?

admin answers:


Are you referring to live poker tournaments at a casino or online poker tournaments? Live based tournaments generally have a break every 90 minutes to 2 hours for players to use the restroom and take a break after the blinds have escalated. 100% of online poker tournaments offer breaks at the end of every hour, usually at the :55 minute mark.

If your talking about a live poker tournament, check out this article that talks about how to pick up on live poker tells from your opponents below.

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