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Robert asks…

how to create a multiplayer online game?

like all the poker games
what kind of software do they use?
where 2 people can come together and they can both play that game..

admin answers:

You would need to get lots of different softwares, but I don’t know much about the software, but I was once going to create an online game, and when I worked out the costs of the software it came to around £600, so you’ll need a fair bit of money.

Donald asks…

why do i get barred from logging on to poker game?

why do i keep getting barred from logging on to poker game for three hours at a time

admin answers:

Is it Yahoo! Games? Yahoo! Games has a very strict rule. Anybody who spammed or advertised or very quickly posted several lines will be detected by the bots, and you’ll be automatically barred.

Paul asks…

Where can I print customized playing cards and card, board games ?

Cheap Price but high quality and precision.
Sound knowledge of requirements of magicianss, poker players and board game users.
Full Customization capability and ability to take low print runs..
Fast ordering system.
I am not looking for publishers, I am strictly looking for manufacturers.

admin answers:

You should really contact Brahma Playing Cards. They provide very high quality playing cards at cheapest rate. They specialize in making playing cards for magic and poker with exceptional slide , paper quality and durability of cards.
They are famous in the customized card/board game publishing world as they work as an active back-end manufactuer for multi-brands worldwide.
They have smaller print runs as mentioned in your question and their email response time is also very fast. (Asked for quotes earlier)
I had printed personalized playing cards earlier from them and I was completely satisfied with over all experience.
I dont think they are publishers so this answer should meet your needs.

You can contact them here.

George asks…

Looking for a few others to go to vegas for a gambling trip.?

I’m in Lexington KY, Looking for people in a 100-200 mile radius to fly out and stay in a nice Hotel Casino for 3-5 nights. I‘ mostly interested in poker some table games and sports betting. Like to have 3 more. I’m 32. I’d like to leave may or June, maybe sooner if I sale something.

admin answers:

HD – you are watching too much TV and movies.

Joe F. – Thanks for sharing your plans with us. Do you actually have any questions here???

You are really soliciting for someone to come join you, are you??? You can’t be that crazy. Either someone will join you and steal all your stuff and leave you bleeding in the dessert, or YOU are planning on doing the same to someone else! Really, man. The only people that would join up with a total stranger are wackos.

(OK, I get the irony that I told HD he was watching too much TV. Still, the likelihood of something going bad by joining up for a trip with complete strangers is 10,000 times more likely than what HD said.)

Donna asks…

How do i learn to think like a Poker Pro ?

I need to improve my Poker game and my friend told me that I have to start to think like a Poker Pro to succeed.

admin answers:

The only way to get better is to play more poker!
I suggest
you also need to learn what are good hands from the beginning and if it’s worth your chips. So get into it and goodluck!

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