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Susan asks…

What happened to fat free poker and bad juju games on the iPhone?

I just got an iPhone 5 and I want to play fat free poker or chili pepper black jack but its not on the apple store anymore, did they take all those including bonus cookie solitaire as well off the apple store? And is there any other games out there that is multiplayer online and you win badges?

admin answers:

Well every site fast become scam one and gets money from people then its gone and never see again. Point is to play for some time and you get really interested you will deposit for some cash after that when a lot people do that they are gone. I am playing here for almost a 2 months, but i did not deposit any cash for chips. Same advice for you.

Mark asks…

Is there any no deposit free UK poker that can be availed?

I have lost loads of money the last few months playing poker, so i would like to know if there is any free UK poker money no deposit policy that i can use? Suggest some.

admin answers:

No deposit poker is very hot for those who play online poker in the UK. With so many bonuses for UK players, the trick can be finding the ones that are actually worth your time.

First thing you should do is NOT sign up to any poker site without checking if you can get free cash, if you sign up to say Titan poker, and later discover someone is offering a $100 sign up bonus if you sign up through their website, you won’t be eligible because you have previously signed up…and yes they can and will check this before paying you out.

To get started you can get a good list at Not only do they provide a list of the best UK poker deposit bonuses you will find, they also strive to offer free bankrolls to all the members.

Robert asks…

Are poker tournaments with less entrants harder to cash in?

Is a poker tournament with 50 entrants paying 5 players harder to cash in than a tournament with 500 entrants paying 50 players. Obviously both tournaments are paying 10% of the entrants but does more players make it easier to get paid because of the increased amount of paid places?

admin answers:

I’d say, if the distribution of poker skill is equal between the two, it’d be about the same…a given person doesn’t have to defeat many more opponents, because most of the increased numbers will be at early tables they’ll never sit at.

William asks…

The gap between amateur and successful pro poker players?

I have been playing poker for quite a long time now but have only been passionate about it for the past 6 months. I have been watching a lot of poker tournaments and games and I was wondering what it really takes to be a successful pro poker player.

Apart from playing experience, where and how did these players who end up very regularly in final tables and big cash games learnt all the maths/ skills/hand reading capabilities to be able to live off poker. Do you recommend any book or website to become a much better poker player? What really is the gap between a successful pro player and an amateur and how to get through it to be able to live off poker?

I am personally inspired by players like Tom Dwan and Sam Trickett and often see amazing moves by them wether it is calls, bluffs or even folds. Especially with Sam Trickett, he would often tell the opponent what hand he had before making a call/foldi and get it spot on.

admin answers:

They would have started on websites such as and then slowly built up their skills. It is not possible to only read a book. It will take determination and lots of studying and observing. The pro poker players became that way because they practiced.

Helen asks…

Where to buy poker table fabric and foam in Canada?

I’m taking on a new home project building a poker table from scratch. Does anyone know where I can find a Canadian retailer (Online or in Calgary Alberta) which sells faux leather for rails, 1/4 Inch Closed Cell Volara Foam, and 1 Inch High Density Rail Foam sheets?

admin answers:

We have the Table-Tops if you’re interested. Currently there is free shipping promotion for the 10 Canadian provinces (excluding the northern territories and rural areas)

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