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Charles asks…

How would I work out the odds of different lotteries?

I would like to know if I was to pick three numbers from 49, and then 6 numbers from these 49 are picked out what are the odds of my three numbers being matched. Also I would like to know how I would work this out please?

admin answers:

Below is a link to a great site for Combinations & Permutations. (What you’re trying to do.) Not only does it have a calculator that will give you the answer, but it also explains the process.

(I have nothing to do with this site.)

Nancy asks…

How can I work out the odds on horse racing?

I put on a Roll Up at 25P each way, My first horse came in 2nd at 6-4, my second horse came in 2nd at 2-1, my third horse came in 3rd at 6-4 and my forth horse came in first at 13-8, can anyone work out what i would get back? How do you calculate and acculate the odds on these bets? Please help?

admin answers:

Use this…..


Linda asks…

Are these good odds on the world ending in 2012?

I offered a friend 1000 to one odds against the world ending in 2012. He refused. Why wouldn’t these odds be attractive?
Marvis: you would, wouldn’t you!
What will happen to all these witty questions and answers if the world does end in 2012?

admin answers:

Well Thom: Given the accuracy of that quack in the US,..Harold Camping,….he miscalculated on May 21 this year, and again on October 21. Even with his calculator,….he could not get it right.
What are the odds the heathen Mayans could calculate accurately with their primitive abilities,…..except…..hhhmmmm….When the Europeons came to conquer,….they encountered a race that was more advanced than they,…. Medically, astrologically, further in phsical sciences and maths….
The Europeon priests accompanying the explorers did not understand what they saw and destroyed it.
Maybe we are doomed in 2012.
I recommend you spend wildly on your credit card.

Mary asks…

What are the odds of an obese 23 year old having a heart attack?

I am 23 years old and for a while now I have had strange chest pains and a fluttery feeling in my chest. I have had ECG’s and ultrasounds with normal results. I get really freaked out sometimes because I really feel like I’m having a heart attack or something. I don’t know what else to do. If anyone knows the odds, could you let me know just for some peace of mind.

admin answers:

There is a way to calculate your risk for having a „cardiovascular event“ in the next 10 years by using the Framingham risk calculator, but it requires some data which you may/may not have.

You are at significantly higher risk because of your weight, that much I can tell you. A good first step might be to familiarize yourself with the signs of a heart attack so you are prepared IF it does happen. An even better first step would be to drop the weight, permanently.

Donna asks…

What are the odds of losing a coinflip 7/7 times?

I’m not good at math so can someone please help me find the odds/probability of losing at a 50% chance 7/7 times? Thanks.

admin answers:

Cameron showed the math, and he and the others listed the PROBABILITY of losing 7 times in a row.

The math is to take the number 1/2, and raise it to the power of whatever number of flips you want to make.

So the PROBABILITY of 7 losses in a row is 1/128. (If you do the math on a calculator, you get 0.0078125. That’s the same thing as 1/128. Just hit the „1/X“ button to see „128“ appear.)

To be technical, that isn’t the answer to your question. You asked about the ODDS. Restated as odds, you’d say the following:

„The ODDS against you losing a coinflip 7 out of 7 times is 127 to 1.“

In other words, there are 127 ways that you will NOT lose 7 in a row, and there is only 1 way that you WILL lose 7 in a row.

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