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Betty asks…

How many poker chips are needed for a game with 6 players?

I am buying my husband a set for his birthday…I’m not sure what kind of game he would play, but small denomination regardless. I am looking at the Paulson’s chips. There are sets of 300 and 500. Would 300 be enough?

admin answers:

500 chips would be a better fit for a game of 6 players…also I recommend this website, they have great prices on chips and supplies,

Make sure you buy at least 5 or 6 different denominations of chips, that way you will cover games at different betting limits.

Steven asks…

whats the best poker game for the wii?

I like on line play, I have texas hold em, that $5 one and its fun but buggy like steeling my money when I’m not playing. there is a long wait for the games to start to.

admin answers:

Hi, try allinspot poker. Http:// I’ve been playing there since this February, and i can say it’s a very unique place to play poker. They use virtual money to play and offer freeroll games that give away free money every hour, so you can just stick to the site and with some luck win some money. Their poker s/w is also very impressive. Good luck at the tables!

Ken asks…

Did Harry Truman and Richard Nixon ever sit down for a game of Poker?

Two legendary poker players, but did the two men ever sit down to match skills? I cannot imagine that it did not happen at least once. If not, who wants to help me write a play about an imaginary event with historic import?

admin answers:


Donald asks…

Help with a poker flash game?

I’m currently making a poker flash game, and I’m stuck. I need the code that will allow the cards to be different every time you get a new hand and so on. Any help?

admin answers:

How many outrageous bad beats can I possibly get? This site is full of bots!! Ive been playing real live webcam poker on pokerview and its like the real thing without the insane amount of bad beats over and over. Whats up with that

Mary asks…

Anyone in Buffalo NY that wants to come to a poker game tonight?!?

i know its mardi gras night, but i dont feel like going out. so, im having a poker game either cash or tourny or both. not super high stakes, usually $15-$25 per game. I have 4 people total so far. but i need some more people. anyone interested? i live in south buffalo.

admin answers:

Hey thats sounds cool.I can come.whats your address?. I am a pretty good poker player also I am a serial killer. I can invite a friend over if you dont mind , he is a rapist by the way.

Let me know what time ok?

Me and my friend hope to see you soon

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