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John asks…

Are there 2 identical jokers in a set of poker?

Hello everyone,

I just bought a set of poker in a gift shop. When I opened it at home, I found that there are 2 identical jokers in the set. I thought there’s something wrong with that. Aren’t you supposed to get two jokers in different colors? Should I go back to the gift shop and ask for a change?


admin answers:

The cards are fine, relax.

Linda asks…

Where is the best place to buy foam for a poker table?

I’m building a remarkably cheap poker table. I have nice felt for it, but I want to glue some foam. I don’t mind getting it online. What’s the best place to get it at?


admin answers:

Probably would be easier to get it offline, try an upholstery shop or fabric store.

Since this table will be cheap, this will also save u shipping costs. Bonus!

James asks…

What were some of the sickest poker beats you took?

What where some of the sickest poker beats you took and what where the stakes?

admin answers:

I’m not one to yap about bad beat stories, but since you ask….

It was a multi-table tournament at a casino (not online) about 5 years ago. 200 entrants, top 20 got paid, and it was a $300 buy-in, so first place was a little less than $20,000. There were 21 players left spread over 3 tables, and I had an average sized stack.

I was in the big blind, and there was a raise in front of me. I look down at pocket kings and decide to smooth call it. The flop came King, 7, 7. I flopped a full house. I check and the guy who had raised immediately goes all-in. I call and turn over my full-house. He has Ace-Jack. The turn is an Ace, giving him two pairs. And the river is another ace, giving him Aces full of 7’s, beating my Kings full.

I had him covered, but my stack was demolished. I had no choice to go all-in the next hand in the small blind, lost, and got bubbled out. If my kings had held up I would have been one of the top 3 stacks in the tournament and in the money.

Sandra asks…

Which part of firewall in Kaspersky I have to disable to run Zynga Poker in firefox?

Every time I want to play Zynga poker (FB) I have to temporary disable whole Kaspersky to run the page properly. (I use Firefox). can any body tell me which specific line in Kasper Firewall should be excluded to run it?

admin answers:

You are going to have to add an exception in Kaspersky I don’t use Kaspersky. But you should be able to google it or use the help in your Kaspersky program.

Donna asks…

What Online Poker Website to they play on the G4 Show 2M2MM?

I was wondering what poker website they play on on the new G4 Show 2 Months 2 Millions? They play online and make a lot of money and I wanna know the website. So please answer

admin answers:

THey play on the best poker sites, fulltilt, pokerstars, ultimatebet, you can find reviews of all of them here

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