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Joseph asks…

Where can I buuy good quality poker chips?

Hey there! I’m looking for a place where I can find good quality poker chips without having to buy them online. I’m not looking to spend more than 40 dollars and I would like them to come in a case. Do you guys know of any good places that sell QUALITY chips that doesnt cost a lot of money?
Muchas gracias!

admin answers:

Hmmm…You didn’t say where you live, so it doesn’t give us much to work with.

Since you didn’t bother telling us where you live, I’ll just say „eBay“.

Sandy asks…

Do you think monopoly is more sophisticated or poker is more sophisticated?

Do you think monopoly is more sophisticated or texas hold’em poker is more sophisticated?

admin answers:

I think… That Texas Hold’em poker is more sophisticated depending upon the Casino you are playing in. 😛 Monopoly would only be more, if it was with real money and you had a glass of wine while playing. 🙂

Richard asks…

What happens when you place two pokers in fire?

The pokers are the same length and made of the same metal ,but one is heavier and wider than the other.Which handle would become too hot to hold first? And why?

admin answers:

We might need more information about the shape of the pokers.

At first blush the heavier poker will take longer to heat up, because of its greater mass. But maybe the wider poker has a funny shape to vastly increase its surface area and so would heat up faster than the cylindrical thin one.

If you have the pokers, you could perform an experiment.

Additionally: Are you sure that the handle of either poker would become too hot to hold?

Thomas asks…

Can anyone suggest an online poker site that doesnt have crazies on it?

I currently use Party Poker but am bored with complete idiots spoiling the game.

admin answers:

I’m not sure what you mean, but if you mean crazies like loose idiot donkey players, then that is ideally who you want to be playing with.
All poker sites contain these type of players. You really don’t want to be playing with „better“ players since you won’t get action on your really good hands (they’ll fold to you)…then you’ll say „damn I wanted to double up!“.

Anyhoo, if you still keep losing because of the loose players, you have to analyze your game. Are you playing too loose, are you playing on tilt, are you playing too many tables, are you folding too much? And many more.

Good luck.

Daniel asks…

What is the best website to learn poker from?

A few of my friends know how to play poker. I can’t really find a good website where I can just learn basic poker. Please help!!

admin answers:

I used to use
Have your friends teach you (that way you can ask questions), then practice online.

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