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Chris asks…

Best mixed drink for playing poker?

What are some good drinks for a poker game? Getting tired of drinking beer everytime my friends and I play our weekly poker game. Since poker actually started in New Orleans, I was thinking something that used rum, bourbon, or Southern Comfort. Any suggestions for something tasty?

admin answers:

Long drinks!
Rum, ice cubes, coke and lime juice! Just perfect!

Susan asks…

What game could you relate the novel 1984 by George Orwell to?

I was thinking maybe chess or poker but I dont really know the details of those games. Can you think of any game?

admin answers:

In the final scene of 1984 Winston Smith is playing chess (actually he is studying a chess problem with the help of chess board) in a cafe.

At the same time as he is trying to solve the chess problem, the telescreen broadcasts the news of the great victory that Oceania has achieved in the war against Eurasia – a mark of the genius of Big Brother that has Smith celebrating along with everyone else.

Obviously Smith sees a parallel between the (reported) strategic masterstroke in the war and checkmate in the chess puzzle.

Here is the final chapter in the cafe:

Clearly there is some sort of symbolism going on here. The White Knight (the chess piece that is needed to solve the chess problem) evidently represents Big Brother.

Smith says to himself:

„White always mates, he thought with a sort of cloudy mysticism. Always, without exception, it is so arranged. In no chess problem since the beginning of the world has black ever won. Did it not symbolize the eternal, unvarying triumph of Good over Evil? The huge face gazed back at him, full of calm power. White always mates.“

In other words Big Brother and the Party are always right – even though Smith doesn’t always understand how. That is the point about the chess problem – there IS always a logical solution, even when Smith doesn’t see it.

But curiously there is another game also mentioned in the final few paragraphs of „1984“. Can you guess what the game is? Snakes and Ladders! Smith daydreams about playing it with his sister as a child. But Orwell writes:

„He pushed the picture out of his mind. It was a false memory.“

Evidently Snakes and Ladders is supposed to be a kind of antithesis to chess – a game of blind luck and sudden reversals of fortune and unpredictibility. I suppose it represents the complex real world as opposed to the perfectly ordered fantasy world that Smith has been brainwashed into believing.

Jenny asks…

In Red Dead Redemption, I need poker game assistance?

In Red Dead Redemtion, I was playing the poker game and realized that I don’t know what the middle set of cards is, on the table, the players all sit around the table and play normally, but there are a set of cards face up in the middle, what are these used for?
I don’t think so, it is the High Stakes Poker Game.
It is Texas Hold ‚em! Thanks for the help! I finally understand!

admin answers:

Http:// recommended Web port)( do check it)
Hope this helps

Daniel asks…

What are some tips for first timers at casinos?

This means tips for the popular games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette e.g? Also some other things like how often per week, how much money should you bring e.g?

admin answers:

Tip #1 – Above all else, understand that gambling at casinos is for ENTERTAINMENT! Get ANY notions you have of casinos being a place to „make“ money out of your head.

If you go to casinos often enough, I absolutely promise you that 2 things will happen:

First, you WILL WIN sometimes! In fact, sometimes you’ll even win big!

Second, you WILL LOSE more than you ever win. That includes any big wins you ever might get.

If you accept this as FACT, then you will never have any worries in going to the casino. You will go for the sole reason of having fun, and you will learn to only bring what you’re willing to spend for entertainment.

Tip #2 – How often per week? Really? If you’re asking that, I’m afraid there is a chance you are not believing my Tip #1. Either that or you are rich. Basically, just ask yourself this question – „How often can I go and blow one or two hundred just so I can have fun?“ If you are rich and can afford to do that a few times a week, go for it! You’ll have lots of fun spending your money at a casino.

Tip #3 – Blackjack is a great choice, but only if you study Basic Strategy. (Look it up on-line.) Basic Strategy tells you the mathematically best move to make no matter what cards you have. The House will have the lowest advantage over you if you play Basic Strategy perfectly. Just never forget that they STILL have an advantage over you! If you really don’t want to think, and don’t want to try to learn anything, and you don’t mind a less than ideal House Edge, then go for Roulette. It’s a lot of fun, and once in a while you’ll win a lot. (Again, you will ALWAYS end up losing in the long run, but that’s not why you’re going.)

OK, that’s all I’ve got right now. You’ll learn the things you like and don’t like. I just can’t stress enough that it’s all about having fun. If you EVER fool yourself into believing that casinos are a way for you to MAKE money, then you are a fool who will be parted with more money than you can imagine. Go have fun, and good luck.

Lizzie asks…

How do people make a living off of gambling?

I’m curious about how people make a nice living off of games such as poker. How do they consistently win while others consistently lose?

P.S. This question is genuinely just from my curiousity. I do not gamble and don’t plan on it.

admin answers:

There are only a few legal ways to make a living gambling.

One is to play poker; another is to successfully count cards at blackjack without getting caught. You may be able to win on sports betting or horse racing. I have no knowledge in that area.

From a mathematical point of view, the way to win money in gambling is to bet only when the potential payout is greater than the odds. In blackjack, this means betting more when the odds are in your favor.

In poker, you might be in a situation where you have a 4 to 1 chance to win the hand. If you will win 5 times the amount of your bet, it is beneficial to bet in that situation.

The highly skilled poker players are good at assessing what the odds truly are. In order to know this for certain, you need to have a good idea what the other player’s cards are. This is what separates the top level professionals from guys like me.

Remember also that the only win/loss indicator in poker is the amount of money you win. It is not the number of hands you win. What the pros are very good at is maximizing the return on their investments.

You might win $5 on 5 hands in a row, but on the 6th hand they may take $50 from you.

There are good reasons why you see the same folks at the final tables so often. It is because they really are better at poker than other people.

Despite what you might hear, they do not make a living off the endorsements. That might be a nice supplement to their income. But in order to keep the endorsements coming, they need to keep winning.

Finally, any good poker player will tell you that they play only one poker game in their lifetime. It started the first time they sat at a table, and will end when they die.

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