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John asks…

Moms with Graco Travel Systems?

Do you find that the stroller can be too bulk at times. Believe it or not the travel system stroller will not fit in the trunk of my car. It takes me 20 minutes almost to fit it in which can be impossible at times. Does anyone else have this problem?

What are some good smaller strollers for when your baby is too big for the car seat. I currently use the Snap N Go stroller but my son likes to sit up in the stroller and look around.

admin answers:

I too, have a Graco Travel System and I find it to bulky as well. Its hard to fit in aisles at stores-Especially malls and small stores. It doesnt fit too well in my trunk either so I dont hardly use it anymore.

But, the good thing about it is it has the basket on the bottom that holds the diaper bag, and other bags if I go shopping where as the little stoller I have does not. So, thats the down side to it.

I just bought an umbrella stroller at babies r us for 19.99 because they had some nicer umbrella strollers but there was no way i was going to pay 100 bucks for an umbrella stroller because my graco stroller was 150 and I wasnt wanting to spend more money on a stroller…So, i just bought a cheap one and it works just as well. Although its hard to hold a diaper bag and shopping bags…but, most of the time I try to shop at places with buggies anyways! Lol

Robert asks…

Where do you go that you use your infant stroller?

I don’t like the Snap N Go’s and I’ve heard that they are hard to steer and don’t work very well, their also ugly. I also don’t want to spend money on a travel system when I know that as soon as my baby is 6 or 7 months old I’ll be using a small, lightweight umbrella stroller and not the huge full-sized stroller. So my question is, do I really even need a stroller for when he’s still in his infant seat? Where do you use these strollers at? At the store I could put him in the cart.. (of course in his car seat, in the big basket NOT sitting on top which you are not supposed to do.) Thanks! 🙂

admin answers:

„So my question is, do I really even need a stroller for when he’s still in his infant seat?“

No. And don’t fall for the idea that you need to lug baby around in a hard plastic casing, either. What an inconvenience…

Just get some slings or other soft baby carriers you wear. Much much easier, and much much nicer for baby. I did not have a stroller until my daughter was 19mo.

Children like riding in grocery carts (sort of)…babies would usually prefer to be on a parent. Get a sling.

Lisa asks…

Traveling with my 7month old.?

Traveling w 7m old. car seat stroller baggage?!?
My daughter and I are going to my home town for just a lil over a week, to visit alot of the family she hasnt yet. Shes 7months, doesnt crawl yet but scoots around, n sits on her own. Loves to talk and is always happy. OH shes sitting on my lap while on the plane, not getting her own seat.
Anyways, shes in between car seats right now, the infant one and the big girl one that faces backwards. Do I take a car seat with me? N will I get charged for that like extra baggage? N sence its me and her do I still only get 2 bags to check? I have two strollers, a large one that gives her enough room to play in durning our layover, and a small one which would get us from a to b but offeres no help with carrying items. Will I get charged for a stroller? Or will that count as a carry on and i get one bag and a stroller? I guess I just really need to be filled in on traveling on a plane with a baby. (7month old) girl..
Is there some where to change her diaper on the plane in the rest room, i know theres next to NO room in there.
PLease any and all info you have

admin answers:

You will have to check with the airline about their policy on children. I know from experience on Alaska Airlines that the stroller and car seat can be checked for free and the diaper bag doesn’t count towards your carry on. The bathrooms on the plane are super small. I had to balance my little one on the toilet lid. That was an adventure. Also to help with the ears popping prepare a bottle or nurse during take off and touch down. Go online to the airline that you will be using and look for their policy on lap infants.

Donna asks…

Grandma refuses to babysit and our toddler is impossible when we go shopping, what to do?

Our 3 year old son is very hard to handle when going shopping, we do not own a car, once we get into the cab to go to the store, all is well, once at the store, he refuses to sit in a cart, refuses the stroller, and starts running everywhere, in all directions jumping on furniture, running really quickly, we pick him up and he fights with us all the time, he is quite happy laughing and smiling, but when you stop him he gets really mad. We tried everything, snacks, talking to him, time outs (never works) we read many self help books, nothing works, he wants nothing of it.

We are currently renovating our appartment, buying new furniture, decorations, etc, and it sucks going to the store haing to deal with this kind of behavior. I like to shop with my husband, not alone. It is hard to lug around big decoration pieces myself, usually my husband carries the big things.

My mother in law, very selfish person by nature (once refused to take care of our child while I was at the hospital going through dehydration problems) refuses to even babysit her for 3-4 hours while we get our shopping done, we asked her ex husband, and he says she always hated kids, that he was the one raising all the children most of the time.
She lives alone in her own appartment, she does nothing but work 9 to 5 monday to friday and sleep with various amount of men.
My husband tried talking to her but she refuses to babysit our child.

No one in my family live close enough to take care of her and his father and us are in no speaking terms due to a long history of abuse toward my husband.

What do people do in these circumstances.
I cant just hire a stranget to take care of my child. I just cant. Who know they might escape one day and you never see your kid again. I just cannot take that risk.

I am thinking of shopping online at Sears, but things are so expensive there, I live in Canada and n a budget.

Any tricks, people who lived through the same kind of situation?

Id like to enjoy my shopping experience and not be cnstantly stressed with a tantrumic toddler who is fine as soon as we get home. It’s only once in the stores that he lets loose.
1. I would find it alot easier if we did indeed own a care, but we don’t :/ So when he acts up like that there is no going outside to the car.

2. I might add, she has been with us 24/7 since birth, grandma never babysat her. Not even ONCE.
3. I am not blaming my MIL for his behavior, but COME ONE, not once has she offered to help us out, amng other things like being a pathological liar and profiting for money.
4. Yes I take her fr LONG walks in the evening 1 hour a day, runs in ur backyard all weekend. She has plenty of walking time daily, so you are wrong about that.

admin answers:

My son had a very difficult time in the store as well and is about 3 1/2. Finally we learned that he has a sensory processing disorder. The stimuli in the store was so overwhelming to his nervous system that he needed to run and move constantly to regulate his sensory processing.

We did a technique called the wilbarger brushing technique and he has been so much more calm since. We also have been using the techniques from the book Parenting with Love and Logic Early Magic for birth – 6 yrs of age. Best book I have every read for parenting.

For the store, if he would start running away I would say with lots of empathy and no anger, „Oh that is so sad. Looks like someone is going to have to ride in the cart.“ Then with the help of your husband make him/her sit in the cart and put on the seat belt. If he/she screams and cries while you do this continue to put him/her in the cart regardless. Then turn your back to him/her until calm or just ignore while pushing through the store and getting what you need.

You may try to distract by not paying direct attention to the behavior, but talking in an animated voice to your husband about all the different things in the store – „I see something red in the store. Do you know what i see?“ Then have your husband say „Oooh I see a red sign over there is that what you see.“ Continue on until your child starts to guess with your husband. Or say, „I wonder how many times we can find the letter R in the store?“ Then have your husband say, „Oooh Look I found the letter R and point to a box with the letter R that’s one!“

The first time you do this will be the worst, but it gets better each time as long as you follow through. The suprising thing was that if I tried this as a punishment, such as … „That’s it you’re sitting in the cart“ while having anger or sternness in my voice. He was much more resistant and harder to put in the cart.

When I used lots of empathy, no anger and those other words (all from Parenting with love and logic book) he seemed to go into the cart much easier. He still cried in the cart, but it only took about 3 times of doing this that he started behaving much better in the store. The techniques we were using for his sensory processing also helped immensely as well.

Be persistent, consistent and non-emotional except for empathy. You will notice a difference. Reacting with any anger or frustration fuels a child’s behavior.

Mark asks…

What type of stroller should I get?

Ok, so by the time this baby is born my daughter will be 19 months old. Should I get a sitn-stand, double stroller, or just get single stroller (just use 2 single stroller when going out)?

admin answers:

Get a double, no question. 19 months, she’s just a little toot and she’s not going to want to walk all the time. When our second came along our oldest wanted to be next to the baby even though she liked to walk.

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