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Thomas asks…

What is the funnest drinking game to play for a 21st birthday?

We want to meet up at my place tonight after the club and want to play a fun drinking game (guys and girls will be there).

My friend says strip poker, but I want more ideas.

admin answers:

Peel the skin on four onions, put sticks in them, dip them in choc or caramel and put some sprinkles on them….Have a dipped APPLE eating contest….a race.
The four contestants will have no idea til it is way too late as they try to devour the onions so fast. This one is awesome, I saw it on Americas Funniest Home Videos.

David asks…

In Far Cry 3 what was it that Hoyt said to Jason at the poker game? *SPOILERS*?


Almost at the end of Far Cry 3 when Sam, Jason and Hoyt are in the middle of the poker game Hoyt stabs Sam in the throat and says something about the house always winning.
I want to know what he shouts after that, if I remember correctly it was something to the effect of „you can’t destroy it“ *something something* „that’s how the system was designed.“
To which Jason replies „Screw your system.“
Hoyt is talking of the monetary system.

By the way, did anyone pick up on the deeper meaning of the story in the game?
Vaas makes obvious references to many things with his famous line.

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

admin answers:

Hoyt says: You’re all puppets and WE pull the strings! The system was designed to work that way! Vaas says that the definiton is doing the same thing over and over again. He says he always saw people doing the same thing everyday in their lives. That is what he calls insanity so maybe its that you shouldnt always be doing to same thing in your life? To maybe spice it up?

“ Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… Same fucking thing… Over and over again, expecting… Shit to change. That… Is crazy; but the first time somebody told me that…I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so boom – I shot him. The thing is, okay… He was right. And then I started seeing: everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked, all these fucking pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same fucking thing… Over and over and over and over again thinking: „This time, it’s gonna be different; no, no, no, no, no, please… This time it’s gonna be different.“ …I am sorry, I don’t like the way- [Punches crate aside violently, his agitation towards Jason Brody is visibly growing] -you are looking at me… Okay, do you have a fucking problem in your head? Do you think I am bullshitting you? Do you think I am lying? Fuck you! Okay? FUCK. YOU! It’s okay, man. I’m gonna chill, hermano. I’m gonna chill… The thing is… Alright, the thing is: I killed you once already… And it’s not like I am fucking crazy. It’s okay… It’s like water under the bridge. Did I ever tell you the definition… Of insanity?“

Daniel asks…

Ideas for games to play at work?

I’m a manager at a restaurant and I’m trying to come up with more games for employees to play while working. Games that help boost moral and also reiterate the restaurants standards in a fun way. We already have BINGO, Monopoly, Food football, and Poker. Most of these games are with food–sell an item, mark off an area. I’d like more of these but also dealing with busing, greeting, etc. I’d love any new ideas. Thanks so much!

admin answers:

We always play gin rummy at work. It’s fun.

Mark asks…

Why do people get a thrill from gambling at a casino?

I don’t understand it. I mean if you’re playing a game of poker for fun or something, but actually going to a casino I don’t understand the thrill because you know the odds are always against you (unless you’re a card counter or something). Can someone explain why it’s still fun if it’s always rigged against you?

admin answers:

People like the feeling of „winning“
they just don’t get it, that casinos don’t make millions a month, by „giving“ out money
people have a mentality i just don’t understand
look at the mega millions 2 weeks ago
3 people won, after billion dollars was spent
the odds were greater to be hit by lightning, and yet people spent their money
to win. What a farce

Mandy asks…

How can I play a game with someone online?

My mom and I love to play games together but I now live 4 hours away from her and I miss that time we spent together. Is there a web site or something where we could play card/board or any other kind of game and chat at the same time. The only online games I know of are online poker and we don’t play poker. Any suggestions would be graciously welcomed! Thank you for your time to read this and respond!

admin answers:

Try some of the yahoo! Games connect to her on yahoo instant messenger and from there you guys can connect on web cams if you want that is. Also you can shose games fom there

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