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Betty asks…

Where is the rake taken from in online poker?

My friend and i were playing a game of online poker 1vs1. We both started out with $10, i won i had $20 he had $0. My question is were does this website take the rake out of? i know rake is you pay like $0.05 on $1 or something like that but were does it get deducted from?

admin answers:

If this was a cash game, the rake should have come from the pot, but then you wouldn’t have $20.00 (unless you played small enough pots to avoid the rake). If you were playing a heads-up tournament, the rake is in the buy-in. Probably $10 + $1.

Richard asks…

Why do black people here deny the race card existing?

When you have decks of them? When a black man is in court it’s as if he’s playing a game of poker. And many of you do it here. Why do they love to deny everything and say nothing is wrong with the black community? My last question barely any of them answered and it was a real honest question, no trolling.

So why is blacks deny the race card when at that exact moment they have a deck of first edition signed by al sharpton in their pocket?

admin answers:

*hides race card behind back*
whatever are you talking about?

Laura asks…

Who wins in the game of strip poker?

I am currently in a game of strip poker with three of my friends and I have an ace pair but there is a possible flush on the table. Do I win, or do they? One of my friends isn’t so hot, I don’t really want to see them naked. I on the other hand am a bit of a show – off.
I am not wearing any pants.
so who wins…the ones who has most clothes on at the end? or the one who has the greatest body?“

admin answers:

If you are playing with the right people, everyone wins

John asks…

How do you play the game, Iowa Poker?

I am looking for directions to play the card game, Iowa Poker.

admin answers:

I’ve not heard Iowa poker, but it probably only differ on the betting just like the rest of poker games
is there really one?

David asks…

Is playing online poker illegal in sinapore. Notice bet fair poker organise a tourament in singapore .?

Is playing online poker illegal in sinapore. Notice bet fair poker organise a tourament in singapore .?
How many singaporean online poker player actually active playing? Think of joining some sites and play but afraid is illegal. Poker is a game of skill and is not counted as gambling, say by MM Lee. Hear him say in tv. So is it legal to play?

admin answers:


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