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Thomas asks…

When will the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions 2009 be on TV?

admin answers:

This show happened in December of 2008, but Animal Planet continues to broadcast it. And it’s a great show!

Animal Planet lists show times on their web site. Looks like February 15 and 3:00 PM is the next showing ( You might also like looking at Animal Planet’s videos:

Lastly, if you’re a fan of YouTube, here’s a link to a playlist of videos taken at this year’s (2008) Eukanuba Championship:


George asks…

Where Can I Watch The Jeopardy! 1998 Tournament Of Champions Finals?

Where Can I Watch The 2 Day Finals Episode Of The 1998 Tournament Of Champions With Dan Melia/Kim Worth/Bob Harris?

admin answers:

You can use
It works very well.

Paul asks…

who won jeopardy tournament of champions?

i missed it….who won?

admin answers:

The lady with brown hair, i forget her name

Donna asks…

Who will win the SEC Tournament?

I do not think they have much of a chance. But I wish Vanderbilt would win. It would be nice to have both men and women tournament champions.
If not Vanderbilt then I want LSU, Alabama, Kentucky, or Florida to win. I can not stand Tennessee so anybody but them.

admin answers:

I say LSU, even though they kind if stumbled down the stretch. They seem to have most complete team. They are a veteran team and have the needed experience. I do think Vanderbilt has a nice team and could also make a run.

David asks…

Where is the Oklahoma Tournament of Champions for basketball held in 2010?

admin answers:

I don’t know

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