Your Questions About Poker Games

Daniel asks…

What ipod games from itunes do you recommend getting? Which do you like?

Right now i have texas hold em poker and phase for my ipod classic i’m think about waiting to see what games they have in the app. store but what games do you guys like?

admin answers:

I have phase, vortex, sims bowling, tetris, and monopoly. The best one out of all of those is definitely monopoly. It has awesome graphics and the game play is faster than the regular board game so u aren’t playing the same game for hours.

Carol asks…

What are some obscure card games that three people can play?

I’m looking for some card games that I can play with three people with a standard 52 card deck, that are away from the mainstream games (Not Go Fish, Hearts, Poker, Crazy Eights). Maybe like a made-up game that’s fun. I’m just looking for something new. Thanks.

admin answers:

You can 3 hand spades, or speed.

Mark asks…

Why can’t I win in live poker games 3-6 limit?

Why can’t I win in live poker games 3-6 limit?
It’s not the rake and I seem to go on streaks where I win nicely but it all just evens out until i run out of chips? I play hands like jj-77-88-99-10-10 aa-kk etc in earl and speculative hands thoughout like j-9 suited a-4 suited big blind or a j off suit call in middle position. I win some pots I raise up but I end up folding a lot in the middle of the hand becuase I don’t wanna bet six and im beat 97% of the time. I don’t wanna be a rock and sometimes my gambles pay off big but Im totally down and it’s lame what’s the deal I play well but can’t win is the fact that the pots Im winning aren’t big enough?

admin answers:

Limit Hold’em is like playing blackjack, it’s just to pass time and lose a little.

Sandy asks…

How much do you have to win to pay taxes?

Specifically, if I’m playing a cash game (poker) at a casino, how much do I have to win in order to pay taxes? Would it be considered income? I know „jackpots“ over a certain amount are taxed at a certain rate, but do poker winnings fall under the same branch of taxation?

admin answers:

Assuming that you already have a filing requirement, every dollar of winnings must be reported and will be taxed.

Don’t confuse the casino’s reporting and withholding requirements with what is taxable. Small wins might not be reportable but they still must be reported and are fully taxable.

Linda asks…

What is the best free online poker site?

Would it be party poker, or something else?

admin answers:

I’ve been playing poker online for a while. The sites are pretty good. One thing I found is a site that just opened up called allinspot poker. It gives you four free dollars worth of game money and there is almost nobody on the site. You can create your own tourneys too. The website is hope this helps.

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